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ZOOM Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP/Vista/Mac) (Jewel Case) (FREDDI3DJ)
On newer systems you can use ScummVM to run this.

Humongous Entertainment


Ages: 3 to 8

There's Trouble in Paradise!

The Great Conch Shell has been stolen and it's up to Freddi Fish and Luther to catch the culprit! All is well on their tropical vacation, until our finny friends realize the Great Conch Shell is missing! Uncle Blenny can't open Founder's Day Festival until the heralded horn has been recovered! Your child will join Freddi Fish and Luther as they explore ancient ruins, play games at a fun-filled carnival and even discover a sunken airplane while looking for clues and finding adventure. Rosy Pearl, Pierre the Tailor and Nadine the Narwhal are just a few of the fun new friends they'll meet as they follow Old Soggy's sniffer through this tropical paradise. In the end, it's up to your child to piece the clues together and figure out who's responsible for this underwater caper!

Play again and again - new clues, new locations and even new culprits await each time you play!

Click Points reveal hundreds and hundreds of hidden surprises!

Sing songs, play games, visit a luau and create your very own melodies!

Out of time? Save the game and finish it later


Windows - IBM PC or 100% compatible 33 MHz 486 with 8 MB of RAM SVGA (640x480, 256 color) graphics Windows 3.1 or higher, Sound card Double-speed CD-ROM drive

Macintosh - Minimum 25 MHz 68040 or Power PC with 8 MB of RAM, 640x480, 256 color, System 7.0 or higher, Double-speed CD-ROM drive


Mr. Bill's Adventureland

"A new twist on an old favorite! challenge all of those youngsters who think they already know who the 'bad guys' always are in this beloved series, this new game is more like a real detective story. The culprit can be any one of 6 different suspects and the guilty party and clues vary whenever the game is replayed.

"So this time Freddi and Luther must not only find the 3 golden pipes for the Shell, but they must also gather clues and 'catch the culprit'. Of course the guilty party apologizes when confronted and restores the Great Conch Shell. The story is designed to inspire kids to think for themselves in creative and flexible ways and it promotes the values of friendship, teamwork and honesty, among others."

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