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ZOOM Freddi Fish
and The Missing Kelp Seeds
$7.95 (Win95/98) (Just the CD) (FREDDIPO)
On other systems you can use ScummVM to run this.
This is "bundled software" which does, in fact, work on any hardware. There are no printed instructions. However, the CD auto-installs under Windows 95/98. For all systems you can use S for save, L for load, and F5 to exit.

Publisher: Humongous Entertainment


Ages: 3 to 8



5 stars from Multimedia World

1995 Editors' Choice (top 100) from HomePC

Grandma Grouper's Kelp Seeds Are Missing!

Without them, all the fish will go hungry. Luckily, Freddi Fish and her finny friend Luther are on the case! But the ocean's a big place and there's a lot of ground to cover - caves, canyons, reefs and more. Children will dive right into this fascinating adventure and all the colorful characters that go with it. It's an underwater world of discovery, laughter and learning, all in one.

Rich feature-film quality hand-drawn animation

Develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills

More than 400 secret click points

Lively music and sound effects

Unequaled cast of friendly characters

Your child must help Freddi in her quest to find the missing kelp seeds and save all fishdom. To succeed, he or she needs to locate items and, when necessary, trade with other sea creatures to get the kelp seeds.

This story adventure is more challenging than the other Humongous titles, but its solution is still within the most elementary school-age children. Better graphics and animation also set it apart from its sibling titles.

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Windows: IBM PC or 100% compatible 33MHz 486 with 8 MB of RAM, SVGA (640x480, 256 color) graphics, Windows 3.1 or igher, sound card, double speed CD-ROM drive.

Macintosh: Minimum 25MHz 68040 or Power PC with 8 MB RAM, 640x480, 256 color, double-speed CD-ROM drive, System 7.0 or higher.


Multimedia World, May 1995

"There are plenty of friendly creatures in this underwater adventure, but Freddi Fish - a kind-hearted, do-gooder type- is the real star. Gorgeous animation, digitized speech, and rich 32-bit graphics bring Freddi to life. As she merrily swims loop-the-loops, helps out friends, and hunts for her grandma's missing treasure chest, kids will want to follow her everywhere.

"The premise is charming: Freddi Fish and her hapless sidekick Luther visit exotic ocean locales - a castle, a volcano, and even a theater starring Helga the Singing Mermaid - in search of lost treasure. Kids direct them through an underwater labyrinth, clicking on animated objects en route.

"Some of these objects - a board, a clock, a shell - can be saved and traded later in the game to get Freddi and Luther out of a jam. For instance, a whale bone they find placates a snarling dogfish guarding a clue to the mystery. As Freddi and Luther close in on the treasure, the trades become more complex and kids will have to do some fancy footwork to find the correct objects that will help them solve the case.

"The music in Freddi Fish is great, and there are so many clickables that kids could happily spend an hour just on one screen. And unlike many competing programs, Freddi Fish contains multiple animations for on-screen objects - for instance, the first time you click on a seashell, it might just twirl around on the ocean bottom; the next time, it might break into song and dance.

"Freddi Fish is one title that no one with a multimedia PC and a child who's in search of adventure should miss."

The Review Zone by Tina Velgos

"If you like Putt-Putt, you'll love Freddi Fish! The ever-smiling Freddi takes on The Case Of The Missing Kelp Seeds! But, she'll need help from your young gumshoes.Kids are immersed for hours in this learning adventure and join Freddi Fish and her friend, Luther to help them find Grandma Grouper's treasure chest containing the missing kelp seeds. Young learners will be mesmorized by the film quality animation and with a little bit of imagination, they'll find themselves diving into the ocean and exploring deep sea worlds of caves,canyons, reefs and volcanoes with their buddy, Freddi Fish. Since there's no reading involved with this adventure, it's perfect for preschoolers and young learners."

"Freddi's world is magical and awesome. Interesting characters like warm n' fuzzy Grandma Grouper, tough looking Junkyard Dogfish, fast-talking Ray the Manta Ray, a musical Fiddler Crab and a couple of sharks keep kids motivated in their underwater search."

John Dvorak, C/NET

"Anything that comes from this company, Humongous Entertainment, is quite good, and this one is no exception. If you have children, you have to buy Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds. There's no question about it. I think adults will enjoy it too!"

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