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Torin's Passage

Platform: Win95/Win98 Only!
Packaging: Jewel Case
Publisher: Sierra
Product Code: TORINSPJ
5 in Stock

I thought I had silenced them all. Curse the quick thinking of the Arch Authority, snatching the child away before his doom was sealed. Had the lad been with the rest, surely my suffering would have ceased years ago. At last I have found him but in a world of isolation and innocence. He has no idea of the twists and turns his life has taken thus far, nor the path I have planned for his very short future. Just let him try to discover the truth, and learn the secrets of Strata's five nested worlds. Watching his struggle will be an amusement. Facing him will be horribly wonderful. *** For Windows XP do not perform any tests when installing and set compatibility mode to 256 colors.

Packaging Definitions:
Retail Box is a Cardboard Box. Contents as Provided by the Publisher.
Jewel Case is a Plastic Case with Color Cover or Small Manual.
Paper Sleeve is a Color or See-thru Paper Sleeve; No Manual.
With Manual is a Plastic Case or Paper Sleeve with a Larger Manual.

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