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ZOOM Warlords
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (UK Retail Box) (WARLBCRYPR)

Publisher: SSI



from Games Domain


Real-Time Strategy Had No Room For Heroics.
Until Now.

Prepare to enter the next generation of real-time strategy. Here you'll develop a hero to lead your forces into battle. Share your abilities and spells with surrounding members of your army. And develop your hero as you expand your empire. Because what's the fun of winning a battle if you don't know who to carry off on your shoulders?

Combine elements of real-time strategy and RPG in the first hero-based RTS ever

Cunning computer players fight against humans - or ally with them

Develop your hero through scenarios, campaigns and multi-player games in a magical fantasy environment

Focus on strategy instead of basic implementation with automatic resource collection


Windows 95/98/Me/XP, 233 MHz Pentium or faster, 64MB RAM, 130 MB hard disk space, DirectX 7.0+, 56 Kbs modem for Internet Play.

Tested OK on Windows XP.


Games Domain by Tim Chown

"The turn-based Warlords fantasy-strategy series is something of a classic. While not as graphically rich as many of its competitors, its subtle nuances of strategy made it one of the most engaging conquest games ever. Roger Keating's strong AI certainly helped make it stand up there with the best. Now SSG has done the unthinkable, and propelled the leisurely turn-based game system into a real-time strategy variant. Now, before any turn-based zealots begin foaming at the mouth, the good news is that Warlords 4 is on the way, and will remain a turn-based game. In the meantime the even better news is that SSG has done a stellar job of capturing the essence of the previous Warlords games in Warlords Battlecry. If I dare say it, I enjoy Battlecry more than Darklords Rising, its turn-based predecessor. The design takes the best features of other recent RTS games, yet shows respect for the four-thumbed gamers amongst us by allowing the action to be paused while new orders are issued."

"While most designers are attempting to take RTS gaming into new 3D lands, it's a pleasant surprise to find a traditional 2D RTS that manages to offer something new to entice a jaded gamer like myself. It's been good enough to keep me away from Diablo 2, and I'll be playing it long after this review goes online. Sure Dark Reign 2 and Ground Control look superb, and they are fun to play, for a while. But Warlords Battlecry has been crafted by a design team with one of the longest-standing pedigrees in the business, and it shows. It's not without a few flaws, ones which prevent me considering it for our Gold Award, but it captures the essence of the original series so well, offering interesting and addictive new features. The pace of the RTS gameplay is fast, thanks to an AI that can be aggressive on the harder AI settings, but turn-based gamers can slow the game speed down or use the "pause for orders" feature to consider their tactical options more carefully. While Battlecry's graphics are strong, its deep gameplay makes up for the lack of 3D glitz. I'd take this game with me to a desert island ahead of any of the 3D titles currently gracing gaming shelves. The gauntlet has been thrown down for Warcraft 3."

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