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ZOOM Torin's Passage
$19.95 (Win95/Win98 Only!) (Retail Box) (TORINSPR)
$9.95 (Win95/Win98 Only!) (Jewel Case) (TORINSPJ)

Sierra On-Line


Ages: The Whole Family


4 1/2 stars from PC Entertainment

3 stars (out of 4) from HomePC

3 stars from Computer Gaming World

A- from PC Games

A Challenging Quest Through Nested Worlds

I thought I had silenced them all. Curse the quick thinking of the Arch Authority, snatching the child away before his doom was sealed. Had the lad been with the rest, surely my suffering would have ceased years ago. At last I have found him but in a world of isolation and innocence. He has no idea of the twists and turns his life has taken thus far, nor the path I have planned for his very short future. Just let him try to discover the truth, and learn the secrets of Strata's five nested worlds. Watching his struggle will be an amusement. Facing him will be horribly wonderful.

A funny, fascinating story from the mind of Al Lowe, full of comical twists and surprises.

Travel to 5 unique worlds within worlds, with dozens of outrageous characters and humor.

Amazing multi-plane scrolling backgrounds, plus thousands of cels of hand-drawn animation.

All-digital speech, of course. Plus all-digital sound effects and incomparable all-digital music written by three-time Academy Award-winning composer Michel Legrand.

Exclusive new pop-up TelePrompTer you can access anytime within the game, for on-screen written and spoken dialogue. Optional closed-captioning.

Two 3-D inventories, one for you and one for your shapeshifting sidekick.

All-new, easy-to-use interface and menu bar lets you fast-forward or rewind and replay favorite scenes, save or restore at any time, and Auto-Save on exit.

Puzzles to challenge even the most experience players; but program on-line hints ensure no one gets "stuck."


Win95/Win98 Only. 486 25 MHz+, 8MB RAM, mouse, 2XCD ROM, Sound card w/DAC, 256-color SVGA, 2MB hard disk space. Recommended: Pentium 60 MHz+, 16MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM drive+.


Quandary Review by Rosemary Young

"Well, Sierra seem to have done it again. In Torin's Passage they have produced yet another captivating adventure that is fun for everyone to play. Whether you are 6 or 106, if you have a good store of imagination and a love of fairy tales, then you are sure to enjoy this one.

"Of all Sierra's fantasy adventures (including King's Quest and Quest for Glory) this is possibly the one that is aimed at the youngest audience. But mature players need not despair, it's still entertaining and it's not so easy that you can skip through it in a couple of hours. Younger children would certainly need help with some of the puzzles. But all the same, it would just as well have slotted into our children's review section. We opted to include it in our regular reviews simply because Sierra's graphic adventures are so popular with players of all ages and it is, after all, promoted for everyone from 'kids to adults'."

"...there are two inventories in Torin's Passage as Torin has a useful pet named Boogle. I say useful because Boogle can 'morph' into a number of different objects and during the course of the game it is necessary to check out his inventory to see what tricks he might be able to perform to help you out. He's both helpful and cute, and you might want to watch where you step as he tends to get underfoot and suffer the odd squashing."

"I can only conclude that Torin's Passage is well worth a look for fantasy/fairy tale enthusiasts. The puzzles and problems won't suit 'serious' adventure fans, but they have enough substance to keep lots of us entertained. There are a couple of bugs running around in the system but a patch is already available to help you out here -- and I expect the problems will be put to rights before too long. The game is bright and friendly and the story literally skips along -- it's certainly one for all the family. I only wish that 'modern' fairy tales could be a bit more 'modern' and leave a few of the trappings of traditional fairy tales behind. Do we, for instance, always have to rescue the fair maid in distress, and must her worth be so much associated with her beauty?"

PC Entertainment, April 1996

"Torin is your typical teenage hero. He's bold, strong, dexterous, handsome, and dumb enough to miss so much that you have to wonder how he stayed alive this long...Fortunately, in Torin's Passage, our hero has you to guide him. As a result, the journey through this latest adventure from Sierra On-Line is well worth it, for both of you."

"With Torin's Passage, Al Lowe (of Leisure Suit Larry fame) takes a break from his bawdy beginnings to produce something for the entire family. To that end, you'll find plenty of complex puzzles, some excellent plot twists, and spry visual humor, especially for Torin's shapeshifting pet, Boogle."

"...All this sophistication runs best from a quad-speed CD-ROM drive. Still, if you want a graphics adventure for your entire family, there's nothing better on the market today."

Computer Gaming World, February 1996

"Why this game wasn't called King's Quest VIII remains a mystery to me. The design follows a similar kid-safe, mother-approved formula. A light, humorous tone offests darker elements in the plot. Cute animated plants and animals tell jokes and give out information, and characters present a player with simple puzzles to solve in exchange for help. Sierra made Torin's Passage as non-confrontational as a Saturday morning cartoon, with the tradeoff that few gamers will find it intriguing."

HomePC, April 1996

"...Lowe has fashioned a PC game that, like a clever Bullwinkle or Animaniacs cartoon, will delight kids even if they don't get all the references that tickle their parents."

"And that's the one drawback to Torin's Passage: True to adventure-game tradition, we led Torin to a number of nested worlds. In each, we poked around to find the various keys and clues that lead to his missing parents, who've been kidnapped and whisked away to the netherworld - a dark place that's full of...politicians."

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