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ZOOM Throne of Darkness
$9.95 (Win95/98/2000/Me/XP/NT Only!) (Retail Packaging)(Red UK Box) (THRONEDIPR)

Publisher: Click Entertainment / Sierra

Violence / Blood and Gore

The Demon Has Been Released
Seven Samurai Battle the Ultimate Evil!

In the ancient land of Yamato, and aging and power-hungry warlord, in his desire to liver forever, has unleashed an unspeakable horror - the demon Zanshin and his horde of monsters and undead warriors. The land is soaked in the blood of your people, and the seven samurai in your party are Yamato's only hope. Use magic, weaponry and wits to destroy Zanshin before his darkness becomes complete.

An Epic Tale of Revenge

Guide your seven unique samurai as they seek to overthrow the evil that has overtaken the kingdom and avenge their slaughtered clan. From the gates of your citadel, to the spire of the Dark Warlord's castle, you'll face more than 30 varieties of fantastic creatures from Japanese myth with hundreds of unique AI, including legions of undead warriors, fearsome demons, and giant dragons - all animated in breathtaking 16-bit color. More than a dozen highly detailed environments and several side quests combine to create a truly original combat experience.

Command Seven Mighty Samurai

Control up to four fierce warriors at any one time as you face the Dark Warlord's hell spawned minions.

Adaptable Weapons and Magic

Search perilous lands for new weapons, armor, and artifacts. Combine elements to forge new items with powerful and unique attributes.

Visually Haunting Detail:

Intense 800x600 resolution shows off gorgeously visual effects and relentless combat.

Innovative Tactical Combat:

Engage in a new play-calling system that allows you to control the formation and actions of your four-member party with the click of a mouse.

Diverse, Formidable Lands:

Struggle through massive environments teeming with giant dragons, evil spirits, shadow soldiers and more.

Bone-Crushing Multiplayer Action:

Ally with or compete against seven other players as you battle through cooperative and competitive multiplayer game types.


Win95/98/Me/XP/2000/NT: Pentium 266 or better (Pentium 400 or better recommended), 32 MB RAM, 700 MB free hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive, DirectX 7.0 or higher compatible video card.

Multiplayer Support: Up to 8 players, 64 MB RAM, 56k or faster Internet connection or TCP/IP via LAN (Requires low latency Internet connection with support for 32 bit applications).

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