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ZOOM Thief II:
The Metal Age

NOTE: This is the BOX image. We no longer have any boxes.
$9.95 (Win98/Me/XP Only!) (Jewel Case) (THIEF2PJ)

3D accelerated video card required.

Looking Glass Studios / Eidos Interactive


- Animated violence and blood

Slip Through the Shadows. Steal to Survive.

On the streets and rooftops of a darkened city, where the forces of a corrupt sheriff loom, it takes someone with a soft touch and even softer step to stay ahead of the law. For a master thief like Garrett, the choices are clear: profit or perish. Thief II: The Metal Age expands on the megahit "first-person sneaker", Thief: The Dark Project, demanding a whole new level of stealth, strategy, and skill to survive.

Advanced AI system creates a variety of opponents to outwit.

Enhanced Dark Engine creates a more engaging stealth experience.

Realistic environmental weather effects like fog, rain, and snow.

Follow an involving storyline, with intriguing subplots, through 15 large missions.

Sophisticated new master thief tools including potions of slowfall and invisibility, vine arrows, and a remote camera.


Minimum: 266 Mhz Pentium II or equivalent, Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/XP, 48MB RAM, DirectX 7.0 compliant 3D accelerated video card, DirectX 7.0 compliant sound card, DirectX 7.0 or higher (included), 4x CD-ROM drive, 250 MB uncompressed hard drive space, keyboard and mouse.

Recommended: 400 Mhz processor, 64MB RAM, 3D accelerator with 16 MB VRAM, 8x CD-ROM drive, 600 MB uncompressed hard drive space, EAX 2.0 or A3D 2.0 compliant sound card.

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