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ZOOM Stratosphere:
Conquest of the Skies
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP Only!) (Jewel Case) (STRATOSPJ)

Ripcord / Panasonic

Game / Strategy

ESRB Rating: Everyone

When War Is Fought Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between cannon volleys, you look around the deck of your floatstone vessel. You remember stories of ancient battleships that waged war in the waters of planet Earth in the 20th century. Only now, the mighty rock fortresses float 6,000 feet off the surface of this remote planet - magnetically repelled by the planet's core.

A blinding flash of light and heat snaps you back to reality. Your opponent's long-range doom cannons have crippled your starboard dragstone launcher and are pounding your defenses. Think...THINK! You've got to figure out a plan to take out this juggernaut - before it does the same to you.

You start the repairs. You quickly commence building mode and replace your arc projectors with creep mine racks and additional thrusters. The improved speed helps you evade some of the blasts while you drop creep mines in a circle around your enemy. He can't avoid them all, and slowly, your foe's defenses are eaten away.

You're still taking heavy damage, but your well-armored energy plant and added thrust jets spare you from the brunt of the attack. When your enemy's last cannon erupts in flames, you move in for the kill. You accelerate and ram your defenseless opponent. The collision topples your foe's exposed command tower - a fatal blow. Seconds later, an explosion showers your vessel with barbecued floatstone.

All remaining resources are quickly dedicated to replacing lost battlements and repairing the extensive damage. Settling the nerves of your crew is another matter...

"At 6,000 Feet, Defeat Is a Very Long Drop."

Customize your flying fortress and send it into battle against the computer or up to 3 competitors via Internet, network or modem.

Choose from 60 units to enhance fortress firepower, energy, speed and defenses.

12 single-player missions - use the forts provided, or customize the mission with your own designs.

8 multi-player missions - for up to 4 players. Missions include death match, escort and ground strike.

Career mode: 24 missions across nine environments. Rise in rank to command the largest warship ever to grace the skies of New Earth..

Choose your strategy:

  • Perform a broadside maneuver like the old masted ships at sea
  • Ram your opponent and grind him into powder
  • Flatten him with long-range artillery


Windows. P133 (P166 recommended), 32MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM, 2MB VRAM (4MB recommended), DirectX 5. 3D Accelerator recommended (Rage Pro, Riva 128, Mystique, Millennium II, Rendition, 3Dfx, Voodoo Rush).

Tested OK on Windows XP.

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