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ZOOM Soulbringer
$9.95 (Win95/Win98 Only!) (Jewel Box) (SOULPLANPR)
Also includes Planescape Torment.

Publisher: Infogrames


You Must Become the Soulbringer...

Thousand of years ago six demon kings, known as the Revenants, ruled the world with an iron fist and bloody swords. Their powers to claim the bodies of mortal vassals, and live in the realms of man forever. The great hero and warlock Harbinger was the only one who could stand up to their power. One by one he hunted the Revenants, taking their souls and casting them into the Well of Souls…

But, the Revenants survived...

As a young man you will travel to meet your uncle in the town of Madrigal. Here, your destiny draws you into the path that Harbinger trod - to confront the Revenants and banish their souls back to the Well forever.

Your travel will take you far from Madrigal - to the ruined kingdoms of Horath and the ancient empire of Thardolin and through the lost city of Talendrah. You will brave searing desert and icy plains. You will have to seek answers among the living and the dead. You must confront the mightiest of the Revenants - the demonic Skorn - in his citadel of Galdon Thor and there drag him and his kin from the world of man. You must succeed where Harbinger did not.


One of the most involving and epic scenarios ever written for an RPG adventure:

  • Five-act plot invloves the player in a fully 3D world with 1000 years of history
  • Over 60 unique speaking NPCs (non-player characters) with over 450 people to meet.
  • Over 100 locations to visit spanning an incredible 60 unique maps! Time passes realistically and locations do not 'stagnate'.
  • If you return to a location at a later time, things will have changed.
  • Seamless gameplay - the interface is consistent for combat, travel, magic and cut scenes.
  • A quest load system make sure that you always know what you need to do next

An innovative and unique magic system: the Seculorum

  • Over 60 spells to master based on the five elements Water * Fire * Spirit * Air * Earth.
  • Each element consumes another in a circular pattern. As spells are cast, the appropriate element gets larger, but at the expense of another element.
  • In order to be a true 'elementalist', you must balance out your spell-casting of all the different elements

A customizable and very realistic combat system that can be as simple or complex as you like:

  • Each motion captured attack takes place in real-time
  • Each weapon offers a different set of attack options (Stab, Thrust, Slash, etc.). Depending on the weapon and option selected, the character's moves will change.
  • Players can create customizable combat macros which allow attack options to be linked in any way the player chooses.


Pentium 233Mhz, Windows® 95/98, 32MB of RAM, 8x CD-ROM Drive, DirectX compatible Sound Card, 3D Hardware Accelerator Card with a minimum of 4MB of on-board RAM, 500 MB of free hard drive space, DirectX 7 and Windows Media Player Extensions (included).

Note: If you use a 3D hardware accelerator card you need at least 8Mb on board RAM on yuor card (16MB is recommended). Also supports a 3D surround sound and SBLive sound card.


Gamer's Alliance posted by Chris

"From what I've seen of Soulbringer after getting to level 5 within the game, which doesn't happen overnight, I'm really impressed. This game will appeal to a lot of the old school CRPG gamers who don't need to see the latest greatest 3D gaming engine, although the world definitely has a unique look that grows on you the more you play. Infogrames has a great little title on their hands here that has a very interesting story to it, nice combat system, great NPCs, and world to explore. Other than more interactivity with the environment, what more could any CRPG gamer ask for? "

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