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ZOOM Shadow Company
Left for Dead
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP) (Retail) (SHADOWCOPR)

Requires 3D Acceleration

Publisher: UbiSoft Entertainment


Shadow Company: Left for Dead

Left for dead in the African jungle after a contract turned sour, the 15 shadow mercenaries are now ready to take revenge. Build your force and direct your team in one of the most unstable regions of the world.

Designed around a unique 3D engine, Shadow Company immerses you into the unforgiving world of mercenary killers. A guaranteed rush!

Ruthless Soldiers
Born in Lisburn, Ireland, Lewis Underwood is an elite soldier specialized in legal and illegal covert operations. Formerly an active IRA member, Underwood is a true professional; he is one of the toughest mercenaries of the team.

Organize and Command
Choose your attack angle...then fulfil the mission. Each mercenary has his own set of skills, dealing with all types of situations.

Put on your Combat Gear
Dozens of tools and items to face the worst dangers.

All-Terrain Vehicles
Jeeps, boats, helicopters, armored vehicles, tanks, etc.

Equip your Mercenaries
Equip your team with the latest arsenal: sniping rifles, grenade launchers, explosives, highly sophisticated assault rifles.

A Rich and Detailed Environment

  • Vast campaigns including dozens of non-linear missions.
  • A wide variety of landscapes designed for tactical exploration.
  • Up to 8 players in Multiplayer over LAN or the Internet.


Pentium P233 MMX (Pentium PII-266 recommended), 4MB 3D accelerator card which is DirectX 6 compatible (8MB recommended), 32MB RAM (64MB recommended), 400 MB free HD space, Windows 95/98/Me/XP, 8x CD-ROM drive, Microsoft compatible mouse and driver, 100% Soundblaster compatible sound card.

Tested OK on Windows XP (may need to restart XP after playing).

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