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ZOOM Septerra Core
Legacy of the Creator
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me) (UK Retail Box) (SEPTERRAPR)

Valkyrie Studios / Monolith Productions


ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) - Animated blood and violence

Legacy of the Creator

Imagine a world of seven floating continents, rotating one above the other. At the core resides an immense bio-computer, altering the laws of nature to support each continental shell.

The Chosen
Inhabiting the outermost shell, their lust for power has led them on a journey to the core, raining destruction on all who stand in their way.

A junk scavenger from the second shell, she survives on the refuse dropped from above by the Chosen.

When the Chosen armada begins its descent to the core, Maya's choice to defend her homeland against the invasion will trigger an astonishing chain of events, culminating in the fulfillment of the prophecy.

Assume the role of Maya, and embark upon an epic role-playing adventure, exploring this enigmatic world, uncovering its secrets, and changing the destiny of Septerra Core, forever.

Prepare for an epic story of war and turmoil, triumph and redemption. Recruit new allies to aid you on your journeys. Control and swap a team of three, choosing from a pool of nine diverse characters. Interact with hundreds of Non-Player Characters (NPCs), each with their own unique personalities and agendas. Embark on optional, branching sub-quests to resolve intra-party conflict. Be careful who talks to whom. Varied motivations mean characters respond differently to each other and NPCs.

Powerful magic is necessary to achieve your goals. Mix and match "Fate cards" for a wide variety of spell effects. Step into the action. Clock-based combat offers turn-based strategy without sacrificing fast-paced excitement. Compelling graphics and rendered cutscenes draw you deeper into the world of Septerra Core. Feast your eyes on stunning 16 bit, 640x480 graphics.

A fantasy role playing game with over 140 characters and a complex, multi-level world.

Rich and varied story-line

Choose up to eight party members, each with unique skills, motivation, and background.

The strategic combat system combines the best of turn-based and real-time elements.

Create and cast up to 120 individual spells.

Explore over 200 locations with mysterious buildings, eerie landscapes and danger and surprise at every turn.

The Adventure-style user interface gives you maximum interaction with the Septerra game world.

Hundreds of entertaining voices spoken by professional actors.

16 Bit SVGA rendered graphics in Japanese "Manga" style.


Windows 95/98/Me: Pentium 200 (P233 recommended), 32MB RAM, DirectX 6.0 compatible video card, Windows compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive (8x recommended), mouse and keyboard, 150MB available hard drive space.

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