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ZOOM Advance Of The Reich
$9.95 (Win98/Me/XP Only!) (Jewel Case) (REICHPJ)

Publisher: HPS Simulation

Wargame: WWII

June Of 1941

When the German Army invaded Russia in June of 1941, they expected a quick campaign, one that would lead them to victory. Instead, they found that they had started a long and bloody fight that would reach its zenith in the destroyed streets of Stalingrad at the end of 1942. Those first two years of the campaign in Russia would result in the furthest advance of the German Army, a point to which they would never return. From the initial invasion to defeat at Stalingrad, this period would be the Advance of the Reich.

In 1941, Nazi Germany began the momentous undertaking known as Operation: BARBAROSSA --the invasion of the Soviet Union. SQUAD BATTLES: Advance of the Reich is a tactical level simulation of the fierce fighting during the first half of the war in Russia.


  • A submap editor is included which easily allows players to create smaller maps from the larger maps included with the game. Also included is a scenario editor.
  • Features include satchel charges, smoke, wire, mines, parachutes, artillery, mortars, armored fighting vehicles, binoculars, sewers, swim tanks, and many more. Players typically control several squad sized elements and possibly several vehicles in each scenario.
  • Includes German, German SS, Russian, Russian Guards, Italian, Rumanian, Militia, and Russian Naval soldiers and a very complete vehicle and weapon database from the 1941 to 1942 time period on the Eastern Front.
  • Supports single person play against the computer, and multiplayer network play over LANs and the Internet.


Windows 98/ME/XP: Pentium-based 133mhz+ PC with 32 megabytes of RAM,. 250 megabytes of hard drive space, CDROM drive for installation and game play, Windows compatible sound card, Modem/LAN/Internet for Network play.

Windows 95 is not supported.

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