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ZOOM Rayman Gold
$9.95 (Win95/98 Only!) (UK Retail Box) (RAYMANGPR)

Publisher: Ubi Soft


Rayman Is Back And Better Than Ever!

Rayman is back and better than ever! Rayman Gold is the second sequel to the platformer Rayman, and it's got more levels, more enemies, and more everything in store for the limbless hero, Rayman!

Based on the same storyline as the first game, Rayman has to traverse through many difficult passages and worlds, at the same time trying to collect as many things as possible, some of which will open up secret doorways or unblock a path. Also, Rayman Gold comes with a timer that allows you to time your game. Send the score online and see how other players fare. Also, Rayman Gold comes with a level designer that allows you to design your own levels.

Upload them to the Net for others to download, or try other player's levels and see how fast you can manage it!


The complete, classic action/adventure platform game.

24 never-before-released levels with vile new enemies.

Exclusive internet site for unlimited new levels.

Revolutionary word-building tools.


Windows 95/98 Only: Pentium 90MHz or higher, 16MB of RAM , 2x CD-ROM drive, 35MB free hard drive space , mouse, keyboard.

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