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ZOOM Rage of Mages I & II
$9.95 (Win95/98/XP Only!) (Jewel Box) (RAGEMAGCPJ)

Nival Entertainment / Monolith Productions


ESRB Rating: Everyone - Animated Violence

Rage of Mages

The massive devastation inflicted by this fire-based incantation is only one example of the awesome powers you will have at your disposal. Five spheres of magic offer many unique spells and special effects.

Outfit your character with a slew of weapons and armor, scrolls and potions, spells and magic items. You are going to need them.

You will need plenty of cash in the town of Plagat to hire mercenaries, train your character, and outfit your party. Careful planning can mean the difference between stunning success or deadly failure as you embark on your heroic missions.

Visit a village teeming with one of the over 50 kinds of deadly enemies and creatures you will face. Should you attack or play it cool? Chose wisely.

Rage of Mages II: Necromancer

Across a barren wasteland, a sleeping evil crawls from the depths of the earth. Only the strongest band of adventurers will survive the perilous journey to the Necromancer's lair and defeat his army of the undead. Get ready to test your strategic mettle with this intense fusion of role-playing and strategy. Compete in exciting new competitive and cooperative multiplayer arenas with up to 16 players, or create your own maps with the enhanced multiplayer map editor.

Create a giant, marauding army. A vast array of mercenaries can be bought and bribed to join your epic quest.

Discover completely new realms, including Arabian-style desert cities and arboreal Druid villages.

Equip your characters and hone their skills as they grow in power. Experience 43 unique, non-linear missions.

Master over 400 weapons, items and spells and use them to conquer 80 unique foes - each with deadly combat capabilities.


Windows 95/98: Pentium 133 (P166 recommended), 32 MB RAM, 150 MB hard disk space, PCI SVGA 2MB video card (4MB recommended), 4x CD-ROM, Windows compatible sound card, DirectX 6.0, mouse and keyboard, 28K modem or LAN for multiplayer.

Rage of Mages II : Tested OK on Windows XP but you have to create your own shortcut.

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