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ZOOM Pilgrim
$9.95 (Windows 95/98/Me Only!) (Jewel Case) (PILGRIMPJ)

Publisher: Arxel Tribe / SelectSoft

Game: Adventure


A from Just Adventure

from Four Fat Chicks

The Race Against Time Has Begun......

A Knight Templar returns from the Crusades with a Coptic manuscript which might be the Lost Gospel of Saint John. During his voyage, he stumbles into an ambush. Seriously injured, he arrives in a small village and gives the manuscript to Adalard de Lancrois, the head of a secret order called “The Tradition.” Shortly thereafter, Adalard falls ill and, on his death bed, asks his son Simon to carry the manuscript to a friend. Now Simon finds himself on the road to Campostella, pursued by Pope Innocent III. Superstition reigns all around, with angels and demons poised to take part in the struggle.


Game includes an encyclopedia of the Middle Ages

Screenplay by Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage.

Design and characters by Moebius, alias Jean Giraud, the artist of Bluberry, and of the hit movie The Fifth Element…


Win 95/98/Me Only! 166 MMX or better processor 32 MB RAM 90 MB free hard disk space 640x480 SVGA monitor, 16-bit color Windows-compatible sound card & speakers 8X CD-ROM drive

Does not work on Windows XP.


Just Adventure by Ray Ivey

"The game is presented in first person, slide show, point and click format. The graphics are absolutely beautiful--no big surprise for an Arxel Tribe game. Through the course of your character's journey you will see a variety of environments, including the market at Toulouse, the countryside, a ruined fortress, various churches, and a host of surreal environments."

"...I enjoyed the dark story about a religious underground that the Pope's henchmen were trying to root out. I also enjoyed the wide variety of characters I met--priests, merchants, acrobats, soldiers, scholars, etc."

"Pilgrim is the kind of game that gives the term "graphic interactive fiction" a good name. Because that's what this game is: a lovely, mysterious, educational, and compelling story told with words, beautiful pictures ... and me. It's the kind of game that reminds me why I like to play adventure games."

Four Fat Chicks by Enigma

"You don't know. You really don't know what you're in for with Pilgrim, Arxel Tribe's mind-blowing 1997 release that disappeared for a few years and now is available again. I expected to really enjoy myself by wallowing in the Year of Our Lord 1208, and I did, but I never expected anything like the mysteries Pilgrim explores. The game starts out as your standard point-and-click medieval adventure with lots of nice, logical puzzles, but it ends up as a surreal struggle against powerful forces that tempt the soul. It's an adult game, not because of any salacious content, but because of the sophistication and depth of the ideas it tackles. You will need your thinking cap for this one."

"Yes, the graphics are nice and the puzzles will challenge you, but the superiority of Pilgrim rests on the intellectual content of the game. It doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator, that's for sure. The human issues of faith, growth, and power it explores will have you thinking long after you tuck your computer in for the night. Yet throughout, it remains just a point-and-click adventure game, moving imperceptibly but surely toward temptations that may torture your soul but that always give you choices. I most certainly don't regret the time I spent wrestling with its demons."

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