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ZOOM Squad Battles:
Pacific War
$9.95 (Win98/Me/XP Only!) (Jewel Case) (PACIFICWPJ)

Publisher: HPS Simulation


War in the Pacific

The scope of the fighting in the Pacific during World War II was gigantic, From the Japanese to the Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, Australians, and others, the fighting included countries from across the world and ranged from thick jungles to remote islands and terrain of all types. Picking up where the game Proud and Few left off, Squad Battles: Pacific War includes additional nations, weapons, and vehicles and a wide range of scenarios covering many of the battles and campaigns of the Pacific. From Nomonhan in Russia to the jungles of Bruma, Pacific War enables you to replay the History of WWII in the Pacific.

Play Campaign
At each stage of a campaign, players choose from 2-4 operational decisions that will result in a tactical battle to be played out on an expansive map, providing room for maneuver. The campaign is non-linear, with both offensive and defensive operational options available to each side.

Pacific War contains 60 scenarios covering the entire Pacific Theater in World War II involving a host of new nationalities. Forces from the Chinese (both Nationalist and Communist), Dutch, Soviet Australian, British, and US Armies are pitted against the Japanese.

"On-map Combat Results" option allows you to speed up play significantly, for both your turn and the AI turn.

Play modes include:

  • AI (against the computer)
  • Play-By-E-Mail
  • Two-Player Hotseat (single computer)
  • Network Play (both two player and multiplayer using teams)


Windows 98/Me/XP: Pentium-based 200mhz+ PC with 32 megabytes of RAM. 250 megabytes of hard drive space. CD-ROM drive for installation and game play. Windows compatible sound card. Modem/LAN/Internet for Network play

Windows 95 is not supported.

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