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Payment and Ordering Methods

VISA Master Card Discover American Express PayPal

We Accept the Credit Cards shown above plus PayPal from all Customers.

All prices are in US Dollars.

All money orders must be in US Dollars drawn on a US Bank.

You can order online via our secure server using any of the payment methods above. Ordering online with a credit card or by using PayPal are the only methods we currently support. They are by far the quickest, easiiest, and safest methods available.

We guarantee the security of our secure web server. If your credit card number is compromised due to using it on our secure server we will pay you the full amount, up to the $50 that your bank does not cover, for any fraudulent use of your card. We know our system is completely safe and we are willing to stand behind it.

To contact us by Phone or Email, click on the INFO or Contact button at the top of any page. It is always at hand if you need to reach us. Email is by far the best method as it is available 24/7 and answered even outside normal business hours.

We have been in this business since 1993 and are now located just south of Nashville, Tennessee near the historic town of Franklin. We operate out of a large warehouse with an attached office. All of the products listed on our web site as available for sale are physically sitting in our warehouse.


How to Place an Online Order

To find a product you are looking for, the easiest way is by using our Fast Search Engine. Simply click on the word SEARCH at the top of the screen, type in one or two words from the title of the product and all matching items will be listed for you. You can also search on product categories or keywords in the same way. Just search on words like biology, encyclopedia, music, strategy or chess, for example.

Clicking on any of the titles in the list of products resulting from the search will take you to the Quick Information page for that product. The Quick Information page shows you an image of the box cover (when available), the complete title of the product, a short description of the product, the current price, the name of the publisher, the platform or operating system that it runs on, the product code and the way it is packaged. If the product appears to be the one you were looking for you should next click on the MORE INFO icon before actually purchasing the item. The More Information page contains a more detailed description of the product, a small image of the box cover (you can click on it to view a larger image), complete publisher information (including links to the publisher's web site), reviews, product ratings and the very important System Requirements.

Also on the Quick Information page and on almost all of our More Information Pages is a BUY NOW button which allows you to purchase that product. Note that if you have currently selected the More Information page and there is no BUY NOW button you will need to click the BACK button on your browser in order to purchase the product online.

Once you've clicked the BUY NOW icon you'll be whisked away to your personal shopping cart. The item you have selected will appear and your total will be updated. If you have not completed your shopping just click the Continue Shopping button to go back to the page you were just on. The shopping cart will remember what you have selected and you can add to it if you wish. If you are finished shopping, select the blue Checkout button and you'll be off to our SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Server for final order processing. Look for a Solid Gold Key at the bottom of your screen; it indicates that a secure transaction is taking place. If you do not see a Solid Gold Key on any web site, your transaction is not secure and you should not enter your credit card number.

Note that the Solid Gold Key should appear ONLY when you are in the process of completing your order; we do not use it when you are searching or just adding items to your shopping cart because it slows down the entire process.

If you want to select special shipping options, you will be given the option to change and upgrade shipping during the ordering process. Note that all shipments to addresses outside the US 48 states must select a shipping option!


Completing an Online Order

You can check your current order status by clicking on the cartview.jpg (1693 bytes) button at any time while you are on our web site. Once you have finished your shopping and are ready to finalize your order, click the Checkout icon. If you don't see a Checkout icon on the page you are on just press the Home button at the top of the page.

After pressing the Checkout button, you will be taken to our Secure Server to complete your order. Complete all relevant details unless you are an existing customer. In particular, we must know your complete address, telephone number and Email address before we can ship your order and we must receive some method of payment prior to shipping. If you leave off anything important your order will be delayed until we are able to contact you.

All information provided to us is treated in the same way that we treat credit card numbers; we only use it to process your order and not for any other purpose. You can also rest assured that your Email account will be completely secure with us, just like everything else that you tell us, and will never be used for spam.

Once everything is filled in, click the Process Order button. An order number will be generated for you by our Ordering System and you will receive an immediate Email confirmation that your order was entered into our system, assuming the Email address you entered is correct. You will also receive a second Email message with complete trace information shortly after the product ships. If there are any problems shipping your order we will first try to reach you by Email within 24 hours so please be sure to enter a valid Email address.

Orders containing In Stock items received prior to 11AM Central Time will be shipped out the same working day. We will automatically send you an Email message confirming that your product was shipped out. If we can not ship out within 24 hours because of an unforseen product shortage we will issue an immediate refund and notify you by Email. If there are still problems and we can not reach you by Email, we will try to contact you by telephone.


International Orders (including Canada and Mexico)

Please Read If Your Order is to be Shipped Outside the United States

We offer Worldwide Shipping on almost all of our products. Because of International borders, some details are different from domestic shipments.

You are responsible for any and all Customs Charges and/or Duties. We are unable to undervalue shipments for Customs purposes.

All prices shown are in US Dollars and shipping is always an additional charge.

International Shipping Fees and Shipping Options are discussed in great detail under Shipping.


Orders for Products That Will be Restocked

While looking over our site in the future, a few items might say "Backorder" after the price on the Quick Information and More Information Pages. This indicates that the product is currently out of stock but has been reordered and will be available shortly. Note that you can cancel your backorder at any time prior to the actual shipment from our warehouse.


Returns and Exchanges

All Sales Should be Considered Final.
Returns will only be accepted under the following conditions:

1) If you have not opened the box, you can return the product to us for refund, credit or replacement within 30 days, no questions asked.

You must obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) before sending it back and shipping charges are not refundable.

2) If the product will not work on your computer you may return it to us for refund, credit or replacement within 30 days of receipt. However, if the product is listed as a DOS, DOS 6.2, Win3.1 Only, or Win95/98 Only product on our web site it is NOT returnable. DOS products might run under DOSBox on Windows XP but we don't support DOSBox. Win3.1 Only and Win95/98 Only products are known to only work on those systems; they will not work in compatibility mode on Windows XP, for example.

You must return the product to us undamaged in perfect condition, unregistered, and with all manuals and enclosures that shipped with the product. Products with registration codes, like World of Warcraft, for example, are not returnable for any reason once opened. If you are returning a Retail Box product you must return it in a protective cardboard box or other similar shipping carton like the one we used to ship it to you originally. Damaged and/or incomplete products are subject to restocking fees of from 10% to 50%. In cases of major damage or abuse, the product may be refused and no refund will be given.

Shipping charges are not refundable.

To avoid costly returns, check the System Requirements at the bottom of the More Information Page prior to ordering. Be sure you have at least all of the system requirements before ordering. Also, if the product is listed as DOS or Windows 3.1 Only or Windows 95/98 Only then you need to be certain that you can run such products on your system before ordering them as they are not returnable.

In any of the cases above you must first obtain an RMA number prior to returning the product. Email with Your Name, Your Order Number (the 8 digit number from the Invoice that was included with your shipment), the title of the product, your operating system and the specific problem you have encountered. Products returned without an RMA number will not be accepted and a credit will not be issued.

If we have sent you an incorrect product by mistake we will replace it with the correct product at no cost to you. Call us or Email for a replacement shipment. We will include a prepaid return mailer in your replacement shipment which you can use to return the incorrect product to us.

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