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ZOOM No Man's Land
$9.95 (Win98/Me/2000/XP Only!) (DVD Case) (NOMANSPR)

Publisher: CDV Software

- Violence

Fight For Your Rights!!!!

Forget the Old World, for you're now in the land of boundless opportunity. America is yours for the taking: from colonizing the East to settling the Wild West - give it your best shot! Step into the role of a Spanish conqueror, Englishman, Native American, patriot, or settler and experience six thrilling adventures where you'll encounter countless eccentric personalities determined to put a bullet through your head. … Show them who's boss: use special forces or bounty hunters, or rely on your wits alone to get your enemies before they get you. This game tests your mettle. In No Man's Land you need the true spirit of America to brave the dangers of the New World, whether fighting the War of Independence or building a transcontinental railroad.

Become a pioneer and live your very own American Dream!


Thrilling 3D real time strategy game Discover the New World, from establishing the first Colonies to settling the Wild West

6 exciting stories in 3 campaigns

6 cultures with individual strengths and weaknesses: Spanish, English, forest and prairie Native Americans, patriots, and settlers

Heroes and elite units: snipers, conjurers, assassins, and more

Hire bounty hunters to bring down your opponents

Detailed and colorful settings across the American continent

Enthralling naval and land battles

Technological progress from canoes to frigates and from stage coaches to steam trains

Action-packed missions with surprising story twists

Good tactics improve units' statistics

Use unconventional 'weapons' such as plagues and bark beetles to eliminate foes

A brand-new multiplayer game: the railroad construction challenge

Richly detailed animal life, including bears, mountain goats, and prairie dogs


Win98/Me/2000/XP: Pentium 3 667 MHz 3D graphics card (Geforce2 or better), DirectX 9 compatible 128 MB RAM

RECOMMENDED: Pentium 3 1,2 GHz 3D graphics card (Geforce3 or better), DirectX 9 compatible 256 MB RAM

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