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ZOOM Crusaders of Might and Magic
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only!) (Retail) (M&MCRUSPR)

Publisher: New World Computing Inc. / 3DO

Animated violence and blood


Play It With a Vengeance

The Legion of the Fallen is sweeping the land, killing everything in their path!
Now is the time to be a hero!
Now is the time to fight with fury!
Now is the time for Drake to forge his victories!

Unique blend of action and role playing

Custom built state-of-the-art 3D accelerated engine

Brutal hand-to-hand combat with swords, axes, hammers and more

Digital 3D surround sound puts you in the thick of the action

Large game levels are seamlessly joined into 9 huge environments

Distinctive character development as Drake gains levels and abilities

30 devastating spells of awesome power

Only determination, quick reflexes and an unquenchable thirst for revenge will save the world of Ardon.
Are you brave enough?


Windows 95/98: IBM PC and 100% compatibles, Pentium 166 MMX (P233 MMX recommended), 32MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive, 290MB free hard disk space, DirectSound compatible sound card, DirectDraw compatible video card (4MB Direct3D compatible 3D card recommended), keyboard and mouse.

Note: 'Recommended' is defined as, "with all optional features turned on, the game can be satisfactorily played."

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