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ZOOM Modern Campaigns:
Korea '85
$9.95 (Win98/Me/XP Only!) (Jewel Case) (KOREA85PJ)

Publisher: HPS Simulation

Wargame: Korea

The 1980's In Korea

Ever since the cease fire of the Korean War of the 1950's, an uneasy peace had existed on the Korean peninsula. As the Cold War grew in intensity through the 60's and 70's, the position of the two sides became increasingly strained. By the mid 80's, both sides were armed and ready to do battle once more. It would only take one incident in the world to trigger a new Korean War, one that would be fought with guided weapons and attack helicopters. With the events in Europe carrying the course of history in unexpected directions, the time for a new Korean War had arrived.

Play modes include:

  • AI (against the computer)
  • Play-By-E-Mail
  • Two-Player Hotseat (single computer)
  • Network Play (both two player and multiplayer using teams)


Win98/Me/XP: Pentium-based 200mhz+ PC with 32 megabytes of RAM. 250 megabytes of hard drive space. CD-ROM drive for installation and game play. Windows compatible sound card. Modem/LAN/Internet for Network play

Windows 95 is not supported.

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