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ZOOM Jagged Alliance 2

This product has been replaced by Jagged Alliance 2 Gold Pack

SirTech Software




A from Just Adventure

from The Wargamer

Fight For Freedom - Kill For Cash

A ruthless dictator has taken control of the tiny nation of Arulco. The country's large army has a terrified population in its iron grip, its only opposition a ragtag bunch of rebels. The bad news: you're in charge of the rebels. The good news: some of the world's best mercenaries will fight on your side... if you can afford them.

Ahead lies a savage struggle for freedom. To win, you'll need the negotiating skills of a diplomat, the strategic genius of a general, the battle tactics of a commando... and a whole lot of guts.

The Best of Strategy

  • Non linear gameplay
  • The most advanced tactical combat ever
  • Dozens of realistically modeled weapons
  • Unique blend of real-time exploration and turn-based combat

The Best of Role-Playing

  • Create your own custom mercenary
  • Interact with more than 150 characters
  • Recruit your own team of unique mercenaries

Strap on your Uzi and return to the world of Jagged Alliance with Jagged Alliance 2. Jagged Alliance 2 takes the award-winning action/strategy series to a whole new level with new features and improved graphics. Build a team of highly-skilled and very deadly professionals from a roster of 70+ mercenaries, scientists, local guides and more, each with their own unique character traits. Plan you own strategy for victory, then use it to fight your way from town to town. As you delve into the eerie depths of remote mines, you'll wish that enemy soldiers were your only problem...

The original Jagged Alliance transformed strategy games by introducing personality, role-playing, and speech into a powerful tactical combat engine. Jagged Alliance 2 adds a state-of-the-art interface, stunning high resolution graphics, dozens of new features, and an all-new immersive story... not to mention some surprises that will shock you.


  • Over 150 unique characters with distinct personalities
  • Mercenaries run, duck, climb and crawl as they battle hordes of well-armed enemies
  • Lay down cover fire, cut vital supply lines, and capture and command combat vehicles
  • Create you own custom mercenary by selecting abilities and personality traits
  • Play at your own pace using advanced time-compression feature
  • Venture deep into underground mines, rendered with stunning dynamic lighting effects
  • Liberate a shattered nation town by town with the help of mercenaries, scientists, and militias built of loyal townspeople
  • Amazingly detailed universe with true-to-life line-of-sight and spectacular high-resolution graphics
  • Listen as your team comes to life with more than 10,000 lines of spoken dialogue
  • Multiple settings including day-to-night, rooftops, and underground caverns


Pentium 133 (P166 recommended), 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 4x CD-ROM drive (12x recommended), SVGA graphics adaptor, soundcard, Windows 95 or Windows 98.


Just Adventure by Gary Nelvin

"As for production value, Jagged Alliance 2 keeps things pretty simple. The graphics are simple with no lens flare. They do their job, however, and the gory animations are great. The sound is a bit more up-to-date, though. I've already raved about the excellent voice acting, and the other sound effects aren't too shabby either. Different types of guns have distinct sounds, and heavy weapons sound especially cool.

" As you can probably tell by now, there's a lot in Jagged Alliance 2, and it would take forever to say everything about it. You're probably thinking the simple fun of the original is gone. Well, it's not. The game takes all these complex elements and molds them together so well that you don't even think about them while playing. Sometimes I forget I have a country to save and just try crazy stuff like we all did in the first game. Probably the most complex thing you have to think about is when to quit--this game is so involving underneath, yet so simple on top. It won't appeal to everyone right away, but spend some time with it and it will have you hooked."

The Wargamer by Mike Dorn

"Despite its few blemishes, I would say Jagged Alliance 2 is the best turn-based tactical wargame to arrive since X-Com. Piled on its challenging and enjoyable tactical combat are heaping helpings of personality and liberal doses of strategic choices and decisions. The sum of the whole is a game I rank among my favorites."

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