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ZOOM Independence War:
The Starship Simulator
$19.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP Only!) (US Retail Box) (IWARUSPR)

Particle Systems/ Ocean

Game / Space Simulation

Difficulty: Intermediate

- Animated violence and mild language


5 Stars from Computer Gaming World

The Year Is 2268

The guerrilla war has been raging for centuries. Human colonists are attempting to break away from Earth's control and declare independence. The situation is growing out of control as piracy and random terrorist attacks increase.

The Commonwealth Navy holds the line between Earth and the anarchy beyond. Can just one young navy commander make a difference in a war that has lasted for generations?

The answer is up to you. In Independence War you are the commander - engaging your wits, mustering your courage, and mastering your starship. It's a sophisticated, interstellar battle for life, and you must fight your way along the path between duty and justice. With luck and skill, you can secure a victory for all mankind.

The New Benchmark in Space Sims

  • Total command of an 8,520 ton, 160 meter Dreadnought class Corvette
  • Four bridge workstations - command, engineering, weapons, navigation
  • Detailed ship systems including multiple propulsion options, remote over ride controls, docking maneuvers, and much more
  • Accurate physics are built into the flight modeling. Every system of the ship is modeled and reflected in the game play
  • Visually stunning 3D graphics (includes software rendering and enhanced versions for 3Dfx Graphics Voodoo 1 and 2 boards)
  • Three CDs packed with more than 40 diverse missions
  • Sophisticated gameplay - from combat to problem solving
  • Compelling movie-quality production, including a thrilling 15 minute introduction
  • Strategic space warfare
  • Epic story line
  • Interactive training

Realistic physics govern the dynamics of the game. Even the stars are derived form their actual astronomical location.

A full suite of weapons options make you a force to be reckoned with. Target multiple hostiles and ripple fire them to stardust.

Choose your propulsion system - thrusters for close combat, Linear-Displacement Drive for planet hopping, and Capsule Drive for faster than light travel.

Navigation through a Lagrange Point takes superior piloting skills, but it will get you where you need to

Damage control is essential. Direct engineering teams to repair critical systems.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 90 or faster (P166 for 3Dfx mode), PCI video card (640x480 - 256 colors), 80 Mb hard disk space plus 50 Mb Windows swap file, DirectX compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive, mouse, DirectX 5 or later, joystick recommended.

Supported Hardware: 3Dfx Voodoo 1 Graphics and Voodoo 2 accelerator cards, most joysticks including Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback joysticks.

Works on Windows XP but you may need to set your video card settings (Display, Settings, Advanced, Troubleshoot) two positions to the left.


Computer Gaming World, December 1998

"Developed by Particle Systems, Independence War is an updated U.S. version of the space sim released in Europe earlier this year as I-WAR. New to the American release is support for 3Dfx Voodoo and Voodoo2 cards, as well as an arcade mode for those gamers more comfortable with Wing Commander-style combat.

"The most striking aspect of Independence War is its physics modeling. While it would be absurd to call a starship flight model 'realistic,' the ship handling here at least acknowledges the basics of Newton's laws.

"Piloting your ship is a blast. Once you get the hang of managing the inertia and using free-thruster mode, you'll wish every space game had this physics model. Take this scenario as an example: You are being chased by an enemy who has damaged your weapons and is pounding away at your rear shield - which, of course, is by far the weakest shield on your ship. In most space sims, it's curtains for you.

"Here you can jump to the engineering console and direct Repair Team Four, which was busy trying to repair Power Grid Two, to get your starboard Particle Beam Cannon back online. You then jump to your weapons console, place the PBC in rapid-fire mode, and at the same time activate free-thruster mode. When you pull the stick back, your ship continues its original trajectory but rotates 180 degrees to face the ship behind you. You are now flying backward at high speed, taking hits to your strongest shield. You've also kept all of your momentum, and you've got your PBC blazing away at your enemy's navigational thrusters, hampering his ability to pursue you. Finally, a space sim that truly lets you take advantage of the capabilities of a spaceship, rather than saddling you with something that flies like an F-22."

"There are two modes to Independence War: Simulation and Arcade, the latter added for the U.S. Market. The game's Arcade mode is most similar to the standard mode of other space sims...Simulation is the standard mode, with all options and physics turned on.

"There are two types of missions: campaign and instant action. The instant-action mode is called Infinity War because that's how long the battle will go on if you manage to keep from getting blown into tiny pieces. As you'd expect, you'll face wave after wave of enemy ships, but as an original touch, friendly units periodically appear to lend their efforts as wingmen. Supply ships also happen along, enabling you to restock your missile and ECM stores.

"The campaign is extremely well done. There are numerous mission types, including spy missions, surgical strikes, fleet warfare, and pitched one-on-one battles. Often your mission orders change mid-stream and you are taken in unexpected directions. You'll be asked to make choices that dictate the direction of the future missions..."

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