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ZOOM Gangsters: Organized Crime
$9.95 (Win95/98 Only!) (DVD Case) (GANGSTERPJ)

Also Note: Gangsters Premier Collection

Hothouse Creations Ltd. / Eidos Interactive


ESRB Rating: Teen (13+) - Animated blood and violence



Games Domain

The Strategy Game Where Crime Pays

Set in a Chicago-like town in the 1920's prohibition period, Gangsters is the strategy game where crime pays! From extortion and intimidation to street execution or all-out bloody gang warfare, Gangsters creates a world where you are 'da boss' with the power of life and death over those you control.

Played in a vast city filled with over 5000 individual characters, Gangsters combines real-time action in a highly detailed isometric terrain with an easy-to-use strategy planning interface, to authentically recreate the seedy, violent and ruthless world of gangland mobsters.


Plan your strategy and watch it unfold in a 1000 block city.

Control over 100 gangsters in your organization.

Extort, intimidate, bribe, run illegal businesses and kill ruthlessly.

Living world - 5000 citizens to interact with.

Break the law with complete immunity.

Multiplayer support for up to 4 players over LAN and Internet.


Windows 95/98: 166 MHz Pentium processor (P200 recommended), 32MB RAM (64MB recommended), 150MB of free uncompressed HD space, 2MB SVGA DirectX 6.0 compatible video card (4MB recommended), DirectX 6.0 compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive (8x recommended), DirectX 6.0 required (included), mouse.

Network Support: Up to 4 players multiplayer, IPX or TCP/IP (LAN), TCP/IP (WAN) via mplayer - 28.8 kbps or higher, internet connection required.


Games Domain by Lars Andersen (12/98)

"One of the first things that strikes you about Gangsters is the detail and the many options available. At first they are overwhelming, but as you experiment and learn, you realize that the number of options is one of the game's biggest strengths rather than a weakness. There are 5000 individuals in New Temperance (the name of the city), and you can interact with all of them. The DA's, the policemen, judges and everyone else are named and they can be targeted individually for any number of missions, ranging from bribery to killing. The shop owners are also named, and should one of them balk at paying protection, your lieutenant will report back with the name of the sinner and the location of his shop. It is then up to you, "Da Boss", to target him for a punishment, whether you want to bomb his/her shop, assault him/her or even commit a murder to get some respect, it's all up to you."

"The game is divided in two phases, a weekly planning phase and a real-time action phase. The balance between the two is good. You will spend a bit more time in the planning phase than you will in the action phase and this adds to the overall feeling of a game more mentally challenging than anything. It is not possible to interrupt your gangsters during the action phase to issue new orders (except for four simple combat orders) so you have to give detailed and well considered instructions for them in the planning phase. This takes considerable time, especially further into the game, but the time it takes is well spent if you, like me, love making plans that look great on paper."

"I don't think I have played a game better than Gangsters this year. This game skyrockets into the Top 3 of my games collection. I've been playing games like Settlers 3, Populous 3, Half-Life and Railroad Tycoon 2 extensively, and in my opinion only Half-Life can compete with Gangsters when it comes to realism and credibility. On both those counts Gangsters is as good as they come and became an instant classic the moment it was released."

"One of the things that makes Gangsters stand out from the rest is the incredible freedom you have to pursue any tactic you desire. With many games, the means of achieving your goals are given as soon as you read the back of the box or within an hour of first playing the game, but with Gangsters there is a wide variety of viable strategies you can use to win the game. Whether you want to place all your efforts in protection rackets, or you wish to do ten raids a week to make money, you decide. The goal of the game, becoming a legitimate businessman or being elected Mayor, can be reached using many different tactics..."

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