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Creature Shock
$9.95 (DOS Only!) (Jewel Case) (CREATUREPR)

Argonaut/Virgin Interactive


Ages: 15 and up


83% from PC Gamer

3 ½ stars from CD-ROM Today

Get ready for the fright of your life.

Your heart is pounding. Your pulse rate is rising. Your mind is racing. You can taste the sweat from your brow. You have no idea what lurks around the next corner.

But you know it won't be pleasant.

In the 22nd Century, the Earth is experiencing overpopulation and environmental destruction on a critical scale. Three ships are launched to search the solar system for a suitable second home. Four years later, as the UNS Amazon nears Saturns, all contact is lost, save for the faint signal of an emergency distress beacon.

There's something out there. Something very large, very alien and evidently very unfriendly...You are mankind's last hope, sent to investigate the space-drifting remains.

The metal carcass of the ship appears to be devoid of life. But in fact the ship is crawling with creatures just waiting to kill you. Tracking your heartbeat as you move through a tangle of dead-silent tunnels and arteries. Turn fast and shoot faster - before they slash from inside the wall behind you. Or ooze out from an air duct. Or they mutate from human flesh.

If you can defy their grotesque powers, if you can pilot your treacherous way to their starship and destroy the ultimate alien, if you are up to the challenge, you're in for the shock of your life.


  • Full screen completely 3-D rendered animation
  • Two styles of gameplay - First person perspective adventure game and interactive flight simualtion
  • One-on-one combat plus shooting galleries
  • The eeriest music and sound effects heighten the already unbearable tension
  • Cinematic sequences exempify the horror genre at its best
  • Easy to play controls
  • Two CD's packed with an undiscovered universe of mystery and adventure.

Requirements: IBM PC or 100% compatible, MS DOS 5.0 or higher, 486/SX 25 (min), 4 MB RAM, MPC compliant CD-ROM with 150 k p/s transfer rate (300% recommended), MSCDEX, Mouse, 256 color MCGA (local bus or PCI recommended), Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE32, Gravis Ultrasound, General Midi, Roland Sound Canvas, Min 1K - Max 10 MB hard drive space. (An additional 5 MB are required when playing French and German speech.

DOS games do not work on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and we do not offer technical support for DOS games running on such systems. However, if you really want to run games like this on your fast new computer you should try using DOSBox. The DOSBox OpenSource DOS emulator is an excellent piece of work which we can highly recommend. It isn't possible for us to guarantee that it will work well for you, however, especially on other graphic-intensive DOS games. For older DOS games like Civilization, however, it works well with any machine capable of running newer operating systems.

To start with, you will need to download the Win32 Installer using this link:

The README file included with DOSBox will tell you what you need to know. If you find it a bit too technical, just click on The Newbie's Pictoral Guide to DOSBox on the following page:

We find that it is best to create a separate shortcut for each DOSBox game. That makes starting the game easier and also makes full screen mode easier to deal with.


PC Gamer, March 1995

"Let's just say this game sports some of the most impressive visuals I've ever seen in a computer game. On a reasonably fast system, the 3D animation is smooth as silk, and the digital characters are more believable than many real-life actors. Even wearing a pitch-black space helmet, your viewpoint character is utterly convincing as he expresses tension, fatigue, relief determination - all through painstakingly rendered body language. Combine that with eerie settings and atmospheric lighting, and you've got a claustrophobic sense of fear worthy of a movie like Alien."

"In Creature Shock, you're Commander Barr, a lone troubleshooter-type assigned to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the space survey ship Amazon out near Saturn. Naturally, aliens are involved, and they don't have our best interests in mind."

"The problem, though, is the same one we keep coming across in these days of CD-ROMs and graphic extravaganzas: There's just not enough game here to back up the pretty pictures."

CD-ROM Today, May 1995

"No game has ever looked as crisp and real as Creature Shock. You play much of this game form a Doom-like first person perspective. Basic enemies include things like a bat creature, an enormous praying mantis, and a pesky slithering bug, while the more advanced enemies are enormous caterpillars that spray you with paralyzing webs and drag you away."

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