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ZOOM The City of Lost Children
$9.95 (DOS Only!) (Retail) (CITYLOSTPR)




from Four Fat Chicks

This Is a City with a Secret

The children that used to crowd its streets are vanishing one by one, and no one knows where or why they've gone.

In the city's orphanage lives Miette, a streetwise kid with a knack for petty threft. she could be the one with the skill and cunning to solve the mystery, but first she'll have to break free of the tyrannical siamese sisters who run the orphanage like a prison.

Even if she manages to win her freedom, there are all sorts of characters out there who'd like to make life difficult. Is she up to such a strange and dangerous mission? And more to the point, are you?


Puzzle-packed interactive adventure game based on the film The City of Lost Children

Fully motion-captured animations bring the bizarre characters to life

Amazing detailed backgrounds with atmospheric lighting and shadows

Sumptuous high-resolution 3D graphics

Digitised voices and sound effects

Intuitive controls with real-time inventory management


486DX4 - 100 Mhz (Pentium 75 recommended) or higher, 9 Mb RAM (16 Mb recommended), 45 Mb hard disk space, MS-DOS Version 6.22 or later, SoundBalster or 100% compatible, SVGA compatible graphics card, triple speed CD ROM drive (4x recommended), MSCDEX Version 2.23 or later, keyboard.


Four Fat Chicks by the Old Rooster

"The City of Lost Children, the game, released for PC (reviewed here) and Playstation, serves to complement the film. Employing 17 characters in 36 locations, I found this 1997 adventure much more interesting and absorbing than I had expected, having passed it by, along with most other adventurers, when it was first released. Borrowing not only the perpetually dark world and visuals of the film, COLC the game also employs the brooding orchestral themes, making this one of those rare games where you'll want to leave the music on. Eerie sound effects include howling winds, lapping waves, seagulls, rusty catwalks. With atmospheric lighting and shadows, as well as motion-captured animations, and wonderful SVGA graphics, this decrepit and nightmarish world of stolen dreams and bizarre characters is remarkably (for 1997) brought to your computer screen.

"In terms of game mechanics, I was surprised to find this DOS-based effort installing and playing directly and easily on my powerful XP system, without even having to go to a compatibility mode. There's a choice of a 45 MB minimal or 500 MB full install."

"However, in spite of the interface and my nitpicking regarding game mechanics, The City of Lost Children earns a "thumb up" rating.... It's a game world worth visiting, in terms of setting, visuals and music alone, even with actual gameplay almost seeming of secondary concern. Then rent and watch the film before tackling the game. If your mind is as open as mine to a foreboding, dark, twisted, mesmerizing theme, I'm sure you'll come away from the film/game combination concluding this was an experience not soon to be forgotten."

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