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ZOOM Casanova:
Duel Of The Black Rose
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me) (Jewel Case) (CASANOVAPJ)

Publisher: Arxel Tribe / SelectSoft

Game: Mystery

Fight... Seduce.... Scheme.... Triumph!!

Young libertine Giacomo Casanova arrives in Venice with a mission: to find his father and track down the murderers of his mother. He will find that the world in which he thought he was living is but a carnival mask of the reality, and will discover that her murder was part of a vast plot designed to bring down the Council of Venice and set up a dictatorship. To survive, he will have to become a consummate fencer and gallant seducer, develop a cunning mind for politics, and always keep in mind that in Venice, reputation is all and truth is only upheld by the sword.

A great Cloak & Dagger Game!


Real-time 3D action and fighting in sumptuous settings

Original swordfighting system with different styles and secret weapons

Puzzles, traps, interactive dialogues, and a seduction interface

A fabulous story played out in a bewitching world: 120 locations, 80 characters

Requirements: Win 95/98/Me Pentium® II 366 MHz or better (500 MHz recommended) 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended) 500 MB free hard disk space 100% DirectX™ 7.0a compatible 3D accelerated video card with 8 MB VRAM (32 MB recommended) Windows-compatible sound card & speakers (100% DirectX™ 7.0a compatible) 16X CD-ROM drive. Incompatible with Kyro chipset

Installed under Windows XP 98/Me compatibility mode and started running under compatibility mode but it may well have problems later in the game so we certainly don't recommend it. Some sound cards may require reducing the hardware acceleration 2 positions to the left in Advanced Audio Properties while playing the game.


Windows 95/98/Me: Pentium 200 (P233 recommended), 32MB RAM, DirectX 6.0 compatible video card, Windows compatible sound card, 4x CD-ROM drive (8x recommended), mouse and keyboard, 150MB available hard drive space.

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