Zurk's Rainforest Lab
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Ages: 5 to 9

Multilingual: English, French, and Spanish

Bring Home a World of Learning

Five fun and challenging activities motivate children to learn life science, math and languages while sharpening reading, writing and critical thinking skills. Encouraged by Zurk, your child explores, discovers and learns at his or her own pace.

Three Languages. Learn Spanish and French as you listen, read and switch back and forth to English.

Photo Album. It's a lab book, a travel journal or a story book, complete with printable snapshots and text. Develops creative writing and observation skills, reinforces life science knowledge.

Jungle Discovery. Scroll up and down 3 levels of the rain forest, learn fun facts about its animals in three languages, snap their photograph to save in your album. Sharpens reading skills while teaching life science.

Egg Hunt. Steer Nita the animated cursor-cub in search of 12 randomly hidden eggs. Practice thinking skills amid 2 million combinations of plants and animals. Observe animal behavior and habitats.

Seek and Sort. Bring animals to a wondrous machine that sorts and teaches animal classification, then graphs the categories with icon-symbols. Or simply enjoy camouflaging the animals for a friend to find. Encourages mathematical thinking and increases life science skills.

Pattern Puzzles. Geometry becomes magic with 12 polygon puzzles. Learn about angle degrees by rotating pieces for a pattern fit or a visual challenge. Children can create their own designs and print any puzzle to share or remember.


Developed by educators.

Three instantly switchable languages.

Accurate animations of 50 animals.

Different every time.

Animated cursor-cub is uniquely engaging.

Text narration option, Print options.

Real jungle sounds, Music with a Latin beat.

Comprehensive Parent's Guide.

Concepts Skills
Life Science animal habitats and behavior, camouflage, classification
Mathematics angles, symmetry, rotation, graphing
Literacy reading, creative writing
Critical Thinking problem-solving, observing, categorizing
Art and Music Latin rhythms and designs, creating geometric patterns
Languages Spanish and French, as well as English

Requirements - For Windows: 2X speed CD-ROM drive, 640 x 480 res., 256 colors, mouse, 8 MB RAM, Windows 95 (runs faster) or 3.1, 486, Sound card (8-bit Windows compatible).

Requirements - For Macintosh (Power Mac Native): 2X speed CD-ROM drive, 640 x 480 res., 256 colors, mouse, 8 MB RAM (10 MB recommended), System 7 or later.

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