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Included in 1st & 2nd Grade Excelerator

Edmark / IBM


Ages: 5 to 8

Zoo Zillions Builds Math Skills and Confidence!

Mighty Math Zoo Zillions teaches your kindergartner, 1st grader or 2nd grader the concepts, facts and thinking skills necessary to build math confidence and develop a strong, lasting understanding of math! Armadillo Annie, the Otter Twins and other animal friends guide your child on this exciting mathematical adventure! Five fun-filled activities introduce your child to addition, subtraction, story problems, number facts, 3D shapes, counting money and making change. Learning and understanding math has never been so much fun!

Unique Grow Slide Feature! Mighty Math's unique Grow Slide feature automatically records your child's progress and adjusts to guide your child's learning. The activities in Zoo Zillions offer over 100 math topics and thousands of problems. Grow Slides help your child get the full benefit of the three years of math learning in every activity. As your child learns and progresses, the Grow Slides advance, offering more challenging problems. You or your child can also set the difficulty of each activity or choose a specific topic related to schoolwork.

In Zoo Zillions, Your Child Will Master These Important Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade Math Topics:

  • Problem Solving
  • Inductive & Deductive Reasoning
  • Number Relationships & Counting on a Number Line
  • Counting, Adding & Subtracting Money & Making Change
  • Addition & Subtraction Facts & Mental Math
  • Spoken Story Problems Featuring Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
  • Counting Forward & Backward by 2's, 5's & 10's
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Early 3D Geometry
Master Math Skills to Navigate the Jungle Trail
Practice addition, subtraction, skip counting and more as you make your way down Annie's Jungle Trail. It's a fun-filled race to the finish line that requires Mighty Math skills to win! Includes 2-player option!
Explore 3D Geometry with the Otter Twins
3D geometry comes to life with the playful and lively Otter Twins. Develop spatial awareness and knowledge of 3-dimensional shapes as you explore full-motion movies of 3D solids and use a 3D stamp pad to create amazing designs.
Money Skills Matter at the Gnu Ewe Boutique
As cashier and salesperson at the Gnu Ewe Boutique, it's your responsibility to help customers make selections and complete their purchases. You'll learn to count money, make change and add and subtract decimals as you help your critter clientele develop a flair for fashion!
Something's Fishy in These Story Problems
Visualize and solve story problems as you move fish in and out of tanks in this one-of-a-kind aquarium. With the help of Eddie and his fishy friends there's no addition, subtraction, multiplication or division question that you can't answer!
All Aboard the Number Line Express!
Learn to count backward and forward and perform addition and subtraction using a number line. Pilot the number line train all around the zoo to locate, pick up and drop off passengers as you practice your math and problem-solving skills.


Windows 3.1/95/98: 486, Pentium or better (33MHz or faster), hard drive with 5MB free, 8 MB RAM required, 640x480, 256 color monitor, CD-ROM drive (double-speed or faster recommended), Windows-compatible sound-output device.

Macintosh: System 7.0.1 or higher, 68040, 68030 processor (25MHz or faster recommended) or any Power PC, 8 MB RAM (16MB recommended for PowerPC), 640x480, 256 color monitor, double speed or faster CD-ROM drive.

Optional: Edmark TouchWindow, Printer.

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