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ZOOM A Zillion Media Clips
Sold Out (Win95/Mac) (Retail) (ZILLIONCDR)

Encore Software


Imagine What You Can Do With...

Don't limit your creativity to clip art alone. Add impact and excitement to any business, home or school project with this huge collection of multimedia clips. With easy-to-use browsers, you'll be able to quickly locate just the right effect.

Whether your project will be printed or viewed on-screen, here's the pizzazz you've been looking for. This 5-CD set features all types of media to give your projects unforgettable impact.

230 Videos
An incredible collection of QuickTime movies for use in your business and personal projects. Watch everything from animals to office machines come to life right before your eyes.

  • Over 230 royalty-free clips
  • 16 distinct categories
  • Some with 3D effects

37,000 Animations
Don't limit yourself to still images. Animated GIF clips liven up any multimedia project. Nothing catches the eye like motion.

  • Preview animations easily before selecting
  • Ideal for web sites
  • Everything from Flipping Dolphins to Flying Airplanes

45,800 Clip Art
Our clip art library has both high-quality, resizable images for printing and quick-loading graphics for on-screen projects. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • Mac and PC formats including EPS, JPEG and GIF
  • Hundreds of categories to choose from
  • Spice up your greeting card, calendar or newsletter

1,500 Photos
Add the vivid realism of color photos to your next project. When your work needs to be a cut above the rest...these images have the impact you're looking for.

  • Huge variety of People, Places and Things
  • High resolution
  • Fast photo browser for easy selection

12,000 Textures
Tired of boring backgrounds? Keep the audience awake during your next presentation with something truly unique. These designs add quality to any on-screen or printed piece.

  • Rich looking textures
  • Includes both abstract and realistic designs
  • User-friendly interface lets you find the perfect effect

1,270 Music
Just think of the reaction you'll get by adding a soundtrack to your next project. Instantly set the right mood with everything from Rock Music to Classical.

  • High-quality recordings
  • Easily sample clips before selecting
  • Choose from many styles including Jazz, Contemporary and Classical

5,180 Sound Effects
From a soothing waterfall to a screeching car, this collection has it all. Emphasize your most important points or just add a burst of personality to your desktop.

  • 30 unique categories of sounds
  • Easy-to-use browser and sampler
  • Multiple formats for easy loading


Windows 95: 486/66 MHz or better, 16MB RAM, VGA, CD-ROM drive, sound card and a mouse.

Macintosh and Power Macintosh: a color Macintosh, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM drive and a mouse.

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