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Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (ZAPSCIDJ)

Edmark / IBM


Ages: 8 - 12

Save the Show with Sound, Light and Electricity!

ZAP! is filled with really interesting science that will spark your child's curiosity about how fascinating science can be. Hands-on tinkering makes sound, light and electricity come alive and prompts creative approaches to new challenges and ideas. And all the way, your child builds critical-thinking skills - plus uncovers the mysteries of science.

Explore the Inner Workings of Light, Sound and Electricity

It is a dark and stormy night as you step backstage to be guest director at the Wonder Dome, the world famous auditorium of light, sound and electricity. But great zotz! The theatre has been zapped by lightning and the Laser Control System is on the fritz! Can you learn all about light, sound and electricity to rescue the show?

Using your own mental powers and some help from zany ZAP stars Blaze, Surge and Riff, apply the principles of science to set up and test experiments with lasers, sound waves and circuits. Then, orchestrate your own wacky electro-laser-sound concerts!

Give Your Brain a High Voltage Jolt!

Experiment With Light: Bounce it, bend it, absorb it, blend it. Lenses, mirrors, barriers, splitters and color filters reveal the fun of reflection, refraction and color mixing.

Experiment With Sound: See, hear and control sound waves to make BookieBots dance! Play with amplitude and frequency for hundreds of sound samples (plus record your own).

Experiment With Electricity: Tinker with circuits, switches, voltage, current and resistance. You tell electricity where to go to make machines work, just like the pros.

Look What's Waiting Backstage at the Wonder Dome!

  • 100s of science challenges and puzzles
  • Hands-on tinkering and experimentation
  • Thousands of critical-thinking opportunities
  • Endless variations on your own electro-laser-sound shows
  • 222 science articles from World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia
  • Dozens of skill levels to advance through
  • Educator designed activities to connect concepts to the real world
  • Weeks and weeks of fun while building up your brain
Split Light and Hit Targets at the Laser Lab!
Explore the properties of light and color. Send lasers through lenses, filters and around obstacles. Build your own laser art and puzzles, too.
Fix and Create Gadgets at the ElectroLoft!
Make electricity flow at your command with circuits, current, resistance and voltage -- your shop is equipped with the same tools the pros use!
Create Your Own Laser Shows!
Try special effects like fades, reverbs and echoes. Adjust lighting with color filters, lenses and spotlights. Choreograph robots on stage by connecting resistors, batteries and more. You're in charge!
Amplify Your Smarts at the SoundWave Studio!
"See" sound waves in action as you adjust sound sources, test properties and blend and identify sounds. Make high-frequency BoogieBots dance while low-amplitude ones stand still.
Look Up Science Facts in Two Ways!
Need to jog your knowledge neurons? Use the Wonder Dome's Sci-clopedia book of facts, or turn to the bonus collection of 222 science article from the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia!


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: 486, Pentium or better (33MHz or faster), hard drive with 5MB free, 8 MB RAM required, 640x480, 256 color monitor, CD-ROM drive (double-speed or faster recommended), Windows-compatible sound-output device.

Macintosh: System 7.0.1 or higher, 68040, 68030 processor (25MHz or faster recommended) or any Power PC, 8 MB RAM (16MB recommended for PowerPC), 640x480, 256 color monitor, double speed or faster CD-ROM drive.

Optional: Edmark TouchWindow, Printer.



"Zap! does a very good job presenting and explaining the science involved in the three highlighted topics. It also exposes children to the basics of the scientific method, encouraging them to hypothesize, experiment, observe and deduce. Two learning modes are available in each environment--the Question & Answer Mode, in which the child follows a guided learning path, moving sequentially through multiple levels in each topic, and the Explore Mode for undirected experimentation and learning."

"Our kid testers had fun with this program, and noted that it significantly helped solidify concepts learned in school. Although only moderately enthusiastic about the three main Zap! characters, they oozed approval of the more secondary "hatching Flashbots" and dancing Boogiebots."

"Zap! is at once intriguing and informative. It familiarizes kids with basic scientific principles, reinforces concepts learned in school, and builds critical thinking and problem solving skills."

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