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ZOOM Williams-Sonoma
Cullinary Gift Set
$19.95 Cooking Basics
(Win95/98 Only + Mac) (Retail) (WILLCOOKDB)
$19.95 Holiday Baking
(Win95/98 Only + Mac) (Retail) (WILLCOOKDH)
$19.95 Holiday Entertaining
(Win95/98 Only + Mac) (Retail) (WILLCOOKDE)

The Perfect Gift for Your Favorite Cook

Gift Pack Includes:

This gift pack includes one of the Williams-Sonoma kitchen Library series cookbooks, a best-selling collection of single-subject cookbooks.

For nearly four decades, Williams-Sonoma has inspired millions of American cooks. Now, company founder Chuck Wiliams joins other leading international food authorities in presenting outstanding recipes and ideas for simple, delicious home cooking.

Each of the easy-to-make recipes is illustrated with a full-page, full-color photograph that shows how the finished dish will look.

The chef's apron is made of 100% heavy-duty cotton. Designed with an adjustable, comforatable neck band, long ties, and a roomy front pocket. 29 ½" long and 23 ½" wide.

A Complete Guide to Simple & Delicious Meals

What to cook? William-Sonoma Guide to Good Cooking gives you instant access to 1,000 delicious answers.

Whether you are an experienced cook or a novice, Guide to Good Cooking will help you streamline and organize the entire cooking process as it inspires you to create delicious meals. Every feature of Guide to Good Cooking reflects the good taste and quality millions of cooks have come to associate with Williams-Sonoma. Beautifully illustrated, practical and easy to use, it's the ultimate culinary resource!

Choose from 1,000 delicious, kitchen-tested recipes for all occasions.

Indicate your cooking preferences - from ingredients to timing - and instantly find recipes to match.

Print recipes, shopping lists, and menus.

View helpful video tips and master a variety of cooking techniques.

Reference the illustrated glossary for quick explanations of essential culinary terms and ingredients.

Create sensational meals using any of the 50 complete menu plans, from a casual brunch to dinner for eight.

Automatically and accurately adjust recipes for different numbers of servings.

Creative Inspiration for Everyday Cooking

Each kitchen-tested recipe included in this complete culinary guide is a proven favorite, expressly designed for everyday home enjoyment. The guide also contains a wealth of expert cooking advice - from tips on selecting fresh ingredients to helpful video clips on a variety of cooking techniques.

For both novice and experienced cooks, Williams-Sonoma Guide to good Cooking makes the preparation of delicious meals easier and more fun than ever before. All the basics are covered. Simply consult the built-in glossary for unfamiliar cooking terms or ingredients, adjust recipes for different numbers of servings, view video tips, print out shopping lists, or select the perfect party menu - it's all at your fingertips.

Choose from 1,000 tempting recipes

Mouth-watering photos and a simple index make it a pleasure to browse and select recipes for all occasions, from appetizers to desserts. Each recipe includes a feature that automatically - and accurately - scales the recipe to different numbers of servings.

Instantly access ideal recipes

The Recipe finder is a powerful search tool that lets you instantly access any recipe. Specify ingredients, cooking method, time, season, region or dietary preferences and the Recipe Finder will provide you with all the recipes that meet your criteria.

Master a variety of culinary techniques

Choose from dozens of step-by-step video demonstartions to help you master a variety of basic culinary techniques, from dicing onions to rolling pastry dough. Each video offers up-close views and straightforward instructions.

Get quick answers to culinary questions

When you come across any cooking term or ingredient you're not familiar with, just click on it and a glossary explanation will appear on the screen. From al dente to zucchini, Guide to Good Cooking has it covered.

Consult with a menu planner

Planning a party? Chuck Williams, founder of Williams-Sonoma, has compiled 50 complete menu plans. From a casual brunch to dinner for eight - they're all perfectly coordinated. Follow the set menus or use them as inspiration of creating your own.

Print shopping lists, recipes and menus

Your shopping list is already written. Just print it out for any individual recipe. And, of course, each recipe can be printed for convenient use in the kitchen. You can even print decorative menus to present to guests at dinner parties.


Windows 95/98 Only, 66MHz 486DX2 or faster, 16MB RAM, 37MB hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, SVGA monitor/display card (640x480), thousands and millions of colors supported, Widnows compatible sound device. Printer support: works with most popular printers (monochrome and color) supported by Windows.

Power Macintosh required, System 7.1 or higher, 12MB RAM, 6.5MB free, 31 MB hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive or faster, 13 inch or larger color, thousands and millions of colors supported. Printer support: works with most popular Macintosh compatible printers (grayscale and color).


Computer Shopper, December 1997

"Like clockwork, each month brings yet another Williams-Sonoma catalog full of classic, expensive cookware. A visit to any of the company's stores is a treat, thanks to shelves laden with glistening epicurean exotica and the glossiest, most delectable cookbooks. Many of the dishes contained within the covers of these volumes - along with a menu planner and glossary - have been compiled on the disc Williams-Sonoma Guide to Good Cooking from Broderbund...We'd call it good, contemporary American food: sausage-and-black-bean soup, lemon-orange chicken, and chocolate-chip pancakes. The unexpected can be found here too; for example, fried oysters tucked into a good old BLT.

"Not overly endowed with multimedia flash, Good Cooking contains 1,000 recipes that can be searched by ingredient, ethnic region, season, course, cooking method, and prep time, among other categories. There are 50 preplanned menus included on the CD, and it's not difficult to create your own culinary arrangement. We especially liked Good Cooking's Shopping List feature, which has the smarts to intelligently combine ingredients and omit those you wouldn't be likely to pluck off the grocery shelf, like a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of water.

"Every recipe has five associated lists that contain information about ingredients, required equipment, techniques, nutrition, and cooking time. So if you are reading a cake recipe and decide you need remedial help with unmolding and decoration, you can view the appropriate videos and then return to the recipe screen. However, most of these videos cover rudimentary procedures...."

"Despite these minor quibbles, the disc's lack of fussiness, combined with the occasional surprises makes this a classic recipe collection."

MacAddict, February 1997

"This disc finally satisfies our craving for an easy-to-access CD-ROM. Tracking down a particular recipe is as simple as looking up an ingredient or settling on a cooking time.

"Hungry for a pizza, but you don't like anchovies? Punch your demands into a simple form and up pops a list of yummy recipes. Stuck living the low-fat nightmare on a fast-food schedule? In a few seconds you learn there are two dishes with less than 1 gram of saturated fat (the really, really evil stuff) that you can make in a half-hour or less.

"An illustrated, animated glossary tops off the vast database of 1,000 tantalizing recipes. When directions call for sautéing, click on the term and a QuickTime movie will show you how it's done. ('The vegetables should literally jump around the pan,' explains a pleasant voice.) Once you know what you're doing, it's a breeze to print out your shopping list and get cooking."

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