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ZOOM Wildlife of the World
$9.95 (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (WILDLIFEDR)

Publisher: Countertop Software


Amazing Wildlife

The Wildlife of the World collection is the most in-depth reference, and educational boxed set currently on the market. All four CD-ROMs in this collection provide simple-to-use interactive multimedia programs that are easy enough for kids to use, but also contain more than enough content to satisfy knowledge-hungry adults. With extensive photographs, full screen slides, and movies (along with sound effects), these programs will take you to the natural world - instantly! This four disk set includes Alaska, The Wildlife, a wonderful look at the wildlife of America's last frontier, Life in the Desert, a fascinating and informative guide to the flora and fauna of the world's deserts, and finally, Wildlife in Danger, a superb two-CD title produced in Europe that explores the many challenges faced by today's threatened species.

Alaska, the Wildlife

Alaska, The Wildlife is a multimedia adventure that takes you to one of the most amazing places on this planet. Whether you head to the treetops for a peek inside a bald eagle's nest, or wade through a river for a nose to nose encounter with a grizzly bear, you have a chance to see, hear, and read all about the animals and areas that you choose to explore. This program is simple enough for young children to use without being too simplistic for adults. The cursor changes from an arrow to a bear paw whenever it is on an active area. As an added feature, users who click on their mouse on an inactive area will trigger a help voice that offers tips and navigating assistance.


  • 80 QuickTime movies
  • 300+ color slides
  • Maps, and pop-up information boxes
  • Natural sounds, and original music

Life in the Desert

Life in the Desert includes an astounding array of photographs of desert regions and wildlife, together with extensive maps of the world's deserts and animations explaining how deserts are formed and maintained. An encyclopedia section details many of the plant and animal species of desert regions with video sequences of desert animals and terrain. Life in the Desert also includes an interactive tour of the Living Desert Wildlife and Botanical Park in Palm Desert, CA.


  • 60 minutes of full motion video
  • Expert narration
  • Color animations
  • Over 300 photographs
  • Distribution maps
  • Full species index
  • Interactive quiz sections

Wildlife in Danger: Threatened Species

While extinction has occurred naturally in the past, and is a normal part of evolution and the natural order, we are now facing the prospect of mass extinctions caused by our own poor stewardship of the planet. Scientists estimate that between one fourth and one half of the planet's species could disappear before the year 2050. The result would be a biodiversity crisis unprecedented in the history of the planet Earth! This CD-ROM gives the user an in-depth look at the issue and offers some potential solutions.


  • 16 specific stories of species extinction
  • 30+ minutes of commentary by 13 world renowned scientists
  • 286 rare photos of extinct or endangered species
  • Maps, explanatory texts, and internet links
  • 26 Films

Wildlife in Danger: Kids' Explorer

Tigers, whales, pandas... we all know these animals are endangered, but what about toads, flowers, and snails? Who worries about them? When six billion people farm, hunt, build, and travel, there isn't much room left for wildlife on our little planet. Learn how and why plants and animals disappear so that future generations can appreciate the diversity of life. This CD-ROM looks at the four main causes of extinction: introduction of alien species, destruction of habitat, overexplotation, and chains of extinction.


  • Interactive virtual comic strip
  • Films, Photos, Maps
  • Professor's quiz - Interactive quiz section


PC System: Pentium 75 or higher, 16MB of RAM, Windows 95 or 98, 640x480 with 1000s of colors, 4x speed CD-ROM drive, sound card, speakers, mouse. Modem and printer optional.

MAC System: Power Macintosh, 16MB of RAM, 4x speed CD-ROM drive, 14" monitor with 1000s of colors, MAC OS 7.0 or higher, sound card, speakers and mouse. Modem and printer optional.

NOTE: Does NOT work on XP

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