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ZOOM Uncle Albert's
Magical Album
$9.95 (Win95/98/Me/XP/Mac) (Jewel Case) (UNCLEALDJ)

Publisher: EMME / VTech

Kids Adventure - Ages 9 and Up


from The Kid's Domain

Whoever Finds the Treasure Must Be Very Clever

Is Uncle Albert's wonderful treasure really lost? After finding his magical album up in the attic, you may think differently .. that is if you can answer riddles, avoid traps and open secret passages hidden in this fantastic album. The sneaky little creatures, fun tools and strange machines you encounter from page to page may help you in your quest for the lost treasure. It's up to you to prove your intelligence, sense of observation and skill ....

A New Approach to Learning Games

With Uncle Albert's Magical Album, we have created a new type of adventure for children that combines action, reflexes and experiments inside a living, captivating world.

Based on infinite and random combinations, this unique CD-ROM hosts living and intelligent animals that children can encounter and move around in advance in the adventure.

Whether it is to solve a riddle or explore just for the fun of experimenting, children can catch and observe these animals and move them from one page to the next.


  • The album is full of `living' creatures that can be moved from one page to another. They may react differently depending on the circumstance. It's up to you to train them!
  • Find the animal that can move the stones in the Album? They are hiding the entrance to a secret passage.
  • There are many amazing worlds to explore and surprizes to uncover in Albert's Album. Can you solve the mysteries and discover its most secret pages.
  • Analyze objects from the Album in the lab and learn interesting facts about the world of natural science.
  • You will find various fun and useful tools during your adventure ... a metal detector, camera, flame, a watering can, a jack-hammer and more

An Intelligent Adventure Game

Solicits logical thought, experimentation, intuition, cleverness and ability

An exceptionally open environment with multiple variables and infinite paths

Mysteries are seamlessly integrated into the game. Create and print your own Magical Album

An Innovating Work of Art

A realistic and poetic universe of 3D animals, music and video

Handle `intelligent; animals that will act and react as they do in nature

Travel to exotic locations including the garden, laboratory, Egypt, a treasure island, space station and more


Windows 95/98/Me/XP: Pentium 120 Mhz or faster, 16 MB RAM or more, 19 MB available hard drive space, Sound Blaster 16-bit or compatible, 640 x 480 screen resolution, 256 color SVGA or higher, 4x CD-ROM drive, mouse.

iMac or G3 Macintosh: System 7.5/X Classic, 32 MB RAM or more, 22 MB available hard drive space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster, mouse.


The Kid's Domain by Carol Welch

"There are so many wonderful things to do in this album! It encourages children to take their time, explore and experiment. The charming, nostalgic feel of the game creates a sense of comfort and ease. The challenges range in difficulty from simply finding an item or creature to solving elaborate puzzles. The unique interface allows the player to go along at his/her own pace, moving back and forth between the pages and challenges as needed to find solutions. One of my favorite aspects of the game are the "living, intelligent" creatures. Insects, frogs, even a mouse move about randomly on the pages as if they were real. You can move them from page to page and they will always stay on the page where you left them, but beyond that you never know when they will appear or what they will do.

"Both my son and I have played this game a great deal. Neither of us has found the hidden treasure yet, but it's because we're really in no hurry. We're having too much fun playing! This game is an excellent example of the journey being much more important (and enjoyable) than the destination!"

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