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Typing Tutor 7

See newer version Typing Tutor 10

Simon & Schuster / Davidson / SelectSoft USA

Children / Typing

Suitable for all audiences


93 from FamilyPC

Type Better & Faster!

Typing Tutor 7 is a powerful new version of one of the world's best-selling typing programs. It's now easier to use, more comprehensive and more entertaining than ever.

Typing Tutor 7 evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, then creates customized lessons based on your individual needs. And with three exciting interactive games, practice samples from over 100 well-known books, and entertaining lessons with 100 video clips, it makes learning fun. No matter what your age or skill level, Typing Tutor 7 will help you improve your speed, accuracy, and confidence at the keyboard.

Step 1 - A magical keyboard comes to life with animated sequences to demonstrate correct finger positioning.

Step 2 - Take the evaluation test and follow the custom lesson plan Mario has designed just for you.

Step 3 - Mario, Luigi, or the Princess guide you through customized levels of typing fun.

Step 4 - Your report card keeps track of your typing progress with each lesson you complete.


  • Creates lessons based on your individual needs
  • Makes typing fun with video clips, book excerpts, and arcade-style games
  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels

Chart Your Progress. Assess your progress with eye-catching, printable graphs after completing time-monitored speed tests.

Practice Makes Perfect. Sharpen your typing skills with practice samples from over 100 well-known books, including everything from fiction and biography to sports and humor.

The Keys To Success. Once you've taken a practice test, Typing Tutor 7's unique Natural Language Generator and Time Response Monitoring systems will evaluate your individual strengths and weaknesses, and then create personalized lessons using words and sentences that contain the letters you need to practice. Lessons, games and tests are avaialbe in three different modes: QWERTY, Dvorak and 10-key.

It's Showtime! This exclusive activity lets you practice typing with 100 entertaining excerpts, then rewards you with a video clip related to the subject you chose. Categories include entertainment, historical newsreels, comedy and more.

Arcade-Style Games Loaded With Fun! Rescue cities from alien letters and words. Solve hidden word mysteries. Race against the clock and laugh out loud as you whack a cast of zany characters. You'll have hours of fun as you play and perfect your typing skills.


Windows 95 or Windows 3.1 or higher, 33MHz 486 or faster, 8MB RAM, 256 color Super VGA graphics, double speed CD-ROM drive, mouse, hard drive, Windows compatible sound card, printer optional.

Macintosh LC3 or better with a 256 color system and minimum 14" monitor (optimized performance on Power Macintoshes), 8MB RAM, System 7 or higher, double speed CD-ROM drive, printer optional.


FamilyPC, September 1996

"All in all, this program is the hands-down winner both for adults and older kids (nine and up). The CD has an excellent navigation system that lets you go directly to lessons and tests, progress reports, games, book excerpts, tutor tips, or video clips.

"Once you've mastered a few typing basics, practice your newfound skills with one of three games. Letter Invaders is particulary fun: Words fall from the sky at a faster and faster rate - your job is to type them before they hit the ground. For literary fans, the Bookshelf section offers more than 100 book excerpts as practice material. It also has a special dictation feature, in which you type passages as they're read to you - excellent practice if you paln to take notes on your laptop in class or meetings."


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