Treasures of the American Museum of Natural History

Treasures of the American Museum of Natural History - Voyager - Retail - Win95/Win3.1/Mac - $27.95

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Ages: Ten and up

Since it was founded in 1869, the American Museum of Natural History has sponsored over one thousand scientific expeditions to nearly every corner of the world, including the Gobi Desert (in search of early man - they found dinosaur eggs instead), the icy reaches of Greenland (to bring back a giant meteorite), the Malay Archipelago (to capture a live dragon), and many other locations, remote and familiar. This CD-ROM presents fifty treasures from the Museum's vast collections, going back to the birth of the solar system and forward to the future of genetic research.

In the spirit of exploration, eight guided tours link the treasures thematically and introduce a wide range of behind-the-scenes material: rare photographs, unusual film footage, and lots of surprises. Move around the Visible Woman, the world's first computer-simulated hologram; scroll across the hundred-foot-long Evolutionary Tree of Fishes, from sharks to sunfish; watch a morph of human evolution, from Australopithecus to spear-toting Cro-Magnon man; and navigate around the Akeley Hall of African Mammals using QuickTime VR.

Treasures of the American Museum of Natural History features

A map showing the origin of each treasure

A notebook for taking notes and composing a travelogue

The terrific Dinosaur Dig game - uncover the bones and assemble Tyrannosaurus rex

A floor plan that shows the exact location of each treasure within the Museum

An easy-to-use glossary, hyperlinked to text throughout the CD-ROM

A Supplementary Guide for teachers and parents

Requirements: Windows - 486DX-66 MHz or faster processor, 640x480, 256-color display, 8 Mbytes RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, 16-bit sound card with external speakers or headphones, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, DOS 6.0 or later.

Requirements: Macintosh - Any color capable Macintosh (33 MHz 68040 or faster processor), 640x480, 256-color display, at least 8 Mbytes RAM installed (5,500K free), double-speed CD-ROM drive, external speakers or headphones, System 7 or higher.

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