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ZOOM Star Wars
Droid Works
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (SWDROIDWDR)

Publisher: Lucas Learning

Children / Game

Ages: 10 to adult


from Kids Domain

Can Your Droid Cut It?

The fight for freedom in the galaxy continues...
Rebel spies have learned that the evil Empire has built a secret droid factory somewhere on the planet Tatooine, where Imperial engineers are building an army of assassin droids. Unless they can be stopped, these dangerous machines will terrorize the galaxy. As a member of the Rebel Alliance, your mission is to build droids to infiltrate this operation to reprogram the assassin droids. Beware! There are over 25 million droid combinations. You must choose wisely.

Key Features

87 robotic parts can be combined to create millions of unique droids

Unique properties for each droid part allow you to factor mission-critical qualities into your droids, like speed, strength, vocabulary, and flexibility

Holographic design grid allows for 360 degree, 3-D viewing while constructing, painting, and customizing your droids

Cutting-edge 3-D graphics transport you to the Star Wars universe

Challenging puzzles test your understanding of scientific principles: energy, force and motions, simple machines, light, and magnetism

Index, an interactive guide linked to the Internet, illustrates basic scientific principles and invites further exploration


Proceed with caution, Rebel spy. Enter the Droid Workshop and construct your droid using the 3-D holographic design grid. Choose from 87 unique parts to build over 25 million possible droids; then color them to your own specification.


Mission objectives and special droid requirements are critical to your success. Take heed. Intergalactic Intelligence Report: from mass and momentum to pulleys, levers and lights, InDex delivers the data that can save your droid, your mission and the entire Rebellion.


Now comes the moment of truth, as you dispatch your droid on a mission through 3-D environments rich with challenge and rife with peril. Your personal won-lost column in the war for the galaxy, the Mission Status Report recaps your goals, your droid requirements and your reward.


Windows 95/98: 100% DirectX compatible PC, Pentium 133 MHz, 34MB hard drive space, 16MB RAM (32MB recommended), 100% DirectX compatible PCI graphics card, quad speed CD-ROM drive, 100% DirectX compatible 16 bit sound device.

Macintosh: System 7.5.5 or higher, 120MHz PowerPC 604 or 160MHz PowerPC 603e, 34MB hard drive space (plus a 16MB temporary file while running), 32MB RAM, 13" or larger display, quad speed CD-ROM drive.


Kid's Domain by Ty Brewer

"The game is comprised of two parts: building the robot and executing the mission. Players build robots by selecting parts from an 87-piece inventory of items. Two basic robot configurations are available: legged or wheeled. Once a basic configuration is chosen, the player can freely add a head, legs or treads, body, arms, legs, and battery pack. The combinations are in the thousands. Each mission has parameters that must be followed for successful completion. Some missions require a treaded/tracked vehicle; others require legs. These requirements aren't arbitrary. I tried a mission with treads when the mission requirement was legs. When I got to a gap I needed to jump across, I was stuck. R2-D2 can't jump!

"Other typical mission requirements may include a "hand that can grasp" or "magnetic head". Even when you build a robot to specs, it's not always possible to accomplish the mission with your robot. One mission was so lengthy that I ran out of battery power before I could complete my objectives. I redesigned my robot as a lightweight sprinter with plenty of battery power. I failed again because the lightweight arms lacked the strength to manipulate the pulleys required to complete the mission. Only on my third attempt was I able to build a robot that could breeze through the mission."

"The most impressive aspect of this game is the strong emphasis on problem solving. Each level requires thought and planning for successful completion. Yet players can accomplish each mission through perseverance and planning. I found a few missions tested my patience, but the joy of solving the problem was well worth the effort. This title would be most successful when used in a large classroom environment where multiple students could work on the same problem. One players' inspiration would ease the frustrations of other student's difficulties. Even when the player knows the solution, the joy of piloting the droid around the level is quite rewarding.

"I was fascinated by the entire game, from building my droid to the thoughtful missions. I found the index extremely effective and a valuable tool for completing the missions. The graphics and audio are excellent, and the game play is divine."

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