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ZOOM Star Wars Episode 1
The Gungan Frontier
$9.95 (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (SW1GUNGDR)

Publisher: Lucas Arts


Ages: 9 and up

ESRB Rating: Everyone - Mild animated violence


from Computing with Kids

The First Ever Star Wars Simulation

As a hero of the Battle of Naboo, you've been called before the Gungan High Council to handle a critical mission. Their city is threatened by overpopulation, and they must establish a new colony on a nearby moon. But the moon is desolate and can't support them. The Gungans need you to create a new world filled with fantastic creatures and plants from across the galaxy. You must discover how these alien animals and plants interact and how they depend on each other to live. Only when you have an ecologically sound environment can a new Gungan city truly thrive. The fate of an entire civilization rests in your hands. Because, on the moon of Naboo, the most powerful force of nature is you.

Key Features:

360-degree, 3D views of the environment and its life forms

Over 80 alien creatures and plants to choose from

Life-like creature animations and sounds

Extensive graphic food web with species specifics, including diet, sounds and terrain

The Kresch, a living encyclopedia, provides high-resolution images and detailed descriptions of every plant, animal, and Gungan bubble building

Create-a-Critter mode lets you design millions of animals and plants, each with their own unique attributes

Landscape droid with terra-forming capabilities

Detailed population graphs to better manage your ecosystem

Beginner and advanced levels provide challenges both engaging and complex

Over a dozen missions based on real-world ecological concepts test your knowledge and skill


In the beginner game, your transport ship is loaded for you. Release creatures and plants on the empty moon and watch them run wild.

Even heroes need help. That's why there's the Kresch, your living encyclopedia. Click on a curious little critter and learn about the unique life form you'll unleash.


In the advanced game, load the transport ship yourself. Choose the right mix of creatures and plants and your ecosystem will soon burst with new life.

The Gungans need animals and plants to build their underwater city. Harvest too little and their city is sunk. Harvest too much and their ecosystem is spoiled. You must master the power of balance.


Think you know your peko pekos from your kaadus! Here is the place to prove it. In numerous pressure-packed missions you'll do everything from repairing links on the food chain and ending extinction to keeping clodhoppers in check.

The moon of Naboo is no place for the meek. The goals are many, but the time is short. You'll need to develop sound thinking strategies to ensure success - and help both the Gungans and their ecosystem survive.

May The Force Be With You


Windows: 100% Windows 95 or 98 DirectX compatible computer, Pentium class 166MHz or faster computer, 32MB RAM minimum, minimum 120MB free hard disk space, 4x or higher IDE or SCSI CD-ROM drive, 100% DirectX compatible 2MB PCI or AGP graphics card, 100% DirectX compatible 16 bit sound card, 100% Windows 95/98 mouse and keyboard.

Macintosh: Apple Macintosh and 100% compatibles, Mac OS version 7.6 or higher, minimum 200MHz PowerPC 603e, 132MHx PowerPC 604 or any G3 processor, 32MB RAM minimum, minimum 120MB free hard disk space, 4x or higher CD-ROM drive, mouse and keyboard, 13" or larger display.


Computing with Kids from Jinny Gudmundsen

"This title’s study of nature is a little different: it is set in the Star Wars universe and includes such things as fulumpasets and kaadus. Here, children create ecosystems using plants and animals found in the world according to Star Wars.

"Children research each plant and animal before releasing it onto a moon environment selected for this ecological experiment. The challenge is to create a balanced ecosystem. The program also offers more directed-play with 13 separate missions.

"What makes the learning here so powerful is that children are in control of what and how they learn. Simulations like this one create wonderful opportunities for children to learn in their own manner and at their own pace. With Gungan Frontier, instead of “May the Force be with you,” children themselves become the “Force”--of nature."

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