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ZOOM Storybook Weaver Deluxe
$9.95 (Win95/98/Mac Classic) (Jewel Case) (STORYBWDJ)


Children/Creative writing

Ages: 6 and up


4 ½ stars from CD-ROM Today

NEW! Record Your Own Voice! Updated Graphics!

Unlock your imagination. Here is your key to a world of creativity. Storybook Weaver Deluxe stimulates your imagination and opens the door to creative writing. It makes creating stories easy and fun. Use your own inspiration or any of our story starters to bring your ideas to life.

Add graphics with ease. A big city, a mountain range, a swimming pool - where will your story take place? Using thousands of objects and hundreds of scenery combinations, you'll fill every page with action. Images are grouped by themes to help you complete your story. Plus, editing objects is now easier than ever.

Narrate your own story. Record your story in your own voice so others can hear you reading it. Add your dog's bark or a friend's laugh using the voice recorder, too. Hundreds of prerecorded sound effects and music selections also add drama and excitement to your stories.

Now more features and more fun. Play back your completed stories or print them out in multiple formats. Personalize your creations with the object editor. Use a scanner and you can easily copy your own photos into your stories. Storybook Weaver Deluxe offers these features, plus many more. It's the creative writing tool children love, and teachers and parents trust.

Educational benefits:

Improve your writing and story-telling skills

Illustrate your stories with hundreds of images

Trigger your imagination with thousands of scene, color, and pattern combinations

Discover the joy in creating your own storybooks


Windows: 486 or higher, Microsoft Windows 3.1 or Windows 95/98 (Only), 8MB RAM (16MB recommended), 256 color SVGA display, double speed CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card, Windows compatible printer and microphone optional.

Macintosh: 68030 (LCIII or greater), System 7/8/9 (Only), 8MB RAM (16MB recommended), 16MB RAM required for the Power Mac, 13" or larger color display (640x480, 256 colors), double speed CD-ROM drive, hard disk space, Macintosh compatible printer and microphone optional.


CD-ROM Today, June 1995

"Weaver has a clever opening screen and user interface. As kids move the pointer around the screen with their mouse, they're prompted on the screen as to whether they want to read a story they've already written, write a new story, or print a story...

"This program also helps trigger the writing process with a set of Story Starters. Essentially, these are titles designed to spark a child's imagination. Phrases like 'The Day My Brother Turned into a Bear' or 'The Dragon's Journey' can inspire kids who insist they have nothing to write about.

"If kids use the Story Starters, the program supplies a title page and a few pages of ready-made scenes and text. Kids can change the text and illustrations to match the story they want to create. This is a great way for young writers to get used to the tools, and they'll soon want to create their own stories."

HomePC, February 1996

"Thousands of scenes, objects and characters encourage kids ages 6 to 12 to create and illustrate stories in this rich, creative program - young writers can even orchestrate a score for their tales using more than 100 musical selections and sound effects. Thirty-seven illustrated 'story starters' help children overcome writer's block, and budding authors can write in English or Spanish with the help of a bilingual spell checker and thesaurus. It may take a couple of hours to get comfortable with the program's feast of functions, but it'll be time well spent."

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