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ZOOM Star Fighter
$18.95 (DOS/Win 95/Mac) (Retail) (STARFTRPR)

Studio 3 DO


It's More than a Battleground. It's a Mind Field.

Studio 3DO has surgically fused the human trigger finger to the human brain. The result? Star Fighter - a hard-core shooter that demands stategic thinking for success. You're the top rocket-jock for the FedNet Space Force. 60 missions immerse you in a vast 3D world. Soar. Explore. Scorch thousands of enemy targets. Fly anywhere. Fly upside down. Leave the airspace for outer space. You've got new places to see, new places to incinerate. But don't bask in the nuclear afterglow just yet. Because if you don't use your head, the inventive aliens will. As a doorstop, or maybe a hand puppet.

Fly a top-secret warbird - no strings attached. Maneuver untetherd. Intuitive, responsive flight controls combined with an unbridled flight path. At any time, you can leave the Earth's atmosphere and venture into space.

More weapons than Saddam and Khadafy combined. What's the best part about the future? Better living through defense spending. Your Star Fighter comes equipped with air, CD-player, and enough firepower to bomb the aliens back to the stone-age.

Devastation never looked so good. Catch the carnage with multiple camera angles. Realistic objects and landscapes are rendered in real-time. The high frame rate, texture mapping and terraforming provide a flight experience that'll have you groping for the Dramamine.

Abuse the natural landscape. It's a big 3D world out there. Why not level it? On land, the sea, the air, and in space - blow the crap out of all you survey. Cinematic explosions provide pure shooting satisfaction. This is mass destruction for ture connosseurs of cataclysm.

Requirements: IBM PC or 100% compatible, 486/33 MHz (Pentium 90 MHz suggested), 6MB RAM (8MB suggested for Windows 95), 1 MB minimum hard drive space, 2x CD-ROM drive, MS-DOS or Windows 95, SVGA (320x200/640x480) , Sound Blaster or 100% compatible, Ensoniq, Microsoft, Pro Audio, Gravis, ESS, Roland, Adlib. Supports: Analog joystick, digital control pad, Virtual i-glasses, Creative Labs Blaster GamePad.

Requirements: Power Macintosh - Power PC 601/66 MHz (Power PC 601/100 MHz suggested), 8 MB RAM, 1 MB minimum hard disk space, 2x CD-ROM drive, System 7.5 or later, 256 color, 640x480 video card, 16-bit 44 kHz stereo sound card.

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