Stanley's Sticker Stories




Ages: 3 to 7


Spiffy from MacAddict

Create Animated Storybooks with Stanley, Millie, Bailey and Their Friends

Kids love Millie, Bailey, Sammy and Trudy. And now they can freature these and other Edmark characters in their very own animated storybooks - building spelling and writing skills and expanding creativity along the way. This fun-filled program from the educational software experts at Edmark gives kids the power to build stories that come to life right on screen. They can also make alphabet and counting books, write letters and much more. Kid-tested tools, large buttons, spoken help and friendly characters make creating animated stories easy and fun for readers and nonreaders alike.

Create alphabet and number books and build early reading and writing skills.

With the help of Stanley and the Sticker Spelling Book, creating animated stroies is easy for even the earliest writers.

Print your creations to share with friends. Or click the Play button and watch as your story comes to life on-screen.

Learning Opportunies:

Strengthen Reading and Writing Skills

Build Creativity

Spell the Names of More Then 300 Stickers

Enhance Communication Skills

Requirements: Windows 3.1 (enhanced mode), Windows 95 or better, 486, Pentium, or better, hard disk with 4 MB free, 8 MB RAM, Super VGA, 640x480 (256 colors), double speed or faster CD-ROM drive, Windows compatible sound card. Optional: Windows compatible printer, microphone.

Requirements: Macintosh - System 7 or higher, 68030, 68040 or PowerPC, hard disk with 4 MB free, 8 MB RAM, 4100K free, 13" monitor or larger (256 colors), double speed or faster CD-ROM drive. Optional: printer, microphone.


MacAddict, November 1996

"Young authors get an early start at penning their own pubs with Edmark's easy-to-use, yet remarkable versatile, storymaking CD-ROM. Kids choose the characters, backgrounds, and music for each page of their story, which can be played back or printed out at any time. They can even record their own sounds and add type (adjustable by size, style, and color). Stanley also offers spoken advice for beginning writers who micght need a little push at the starting gate."

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