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ZOOM Spy Fox
Operation Ozone
Sold Out (Win95/98//2000/Me/XP/Classic Mac) (Jewel Case) (SPYFOX3DJ)
On other systems you can use ScummVM to run this.
Sorry; Discontinued

Publisher: Humongous / Infogrames

Ages 7+


from Kids Domain

A from Just Adventure

Air Today - Gone Tomorrow

A huge hairspray space station is blasting vile vapors into the ozone, putting Earth at the mercy of the sun's rays. With her paw on the nozzle, Poodles Galore unleashes her plot to corner the sunscreen market. It's up to Spy Fox and his friends to `can' Poodles and save the planet.

SPY Fox must find Plato Pushpin, a renowned expert in Cosmetic Rocketry, and get him the needed ingredients for his Congeal Pill: Chicle from the heart of the Jungle, Aerosol Particle Diameter (APD) from the can itself, Secret donut x-y, and a Freshwater Pearl from the lake.

Can SPY Fox get the ingredients for the Congeal Pill and save Earth? With your help he can! Professor Quack has loaded the SPY Gadget vending machine at Mobile Command Center with all kind of new gadgets like the Granny Grappler and the Sticky Stun Bun. Keep your eye open for some handy items like a beekeeper's hat and bowling shoes. Communicate with Monkey Penny through SPY Fox's secret spy watch that keeps real time, and don't forget to utilize the talk balloons to elicit more information about a character or object.

That's No Ordinary UFO

Kooky, Crazy Characters: Wacky new and returning characters you'll flip over

Life is One Big Donut Hole: Or will Spy Fox cook up a recipe to save the world?

The Game Within the Game: Take a break from saving the world and play a few frames.

Out of this World Adventure: Follow SPY as he travels the earth and into space to pursuit of the poodle menace!

Spy Gadgets Galore: Professor Quack has a whole new stash of secret SPY gadgets ready for action.

Jumpin' Jukebox: Play your favorite SPY Fox tune anytime on the in-game Jukebox

Listen to This: The game disc also features 11 original SPY songs. Play it on your computer or audio CD player! Lyrics are included in the manual

Game Features:

  • Kooky, crazy characters you'll love
  • Collect information from SPY operatives using talk balloons
  • Interactive animations send you on out-of-this-world adventures
  • Multiple game paths and mini-games in every corney stretch the fun
  • The only interactive spy adventure of its kind
  • Provides hours of exciting and safe game play
  • 11 original SPY songs that can be played on your computer of audio CD player
  • Download two bonus songs from the Internet
  • No installation get you solving, questioning, laughing and learning faster
  • Dinnertime? Save the game and finish later

Who is Spy Fox!


Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP: Pentium 133 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive.

Macintosh: 132 MHz Power PC, System 7.5.5, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM drive.


Kids Domain by Alecia Dixon

"Humongous Entertainment has hit gold again with Spy Fox "Operation Ozone"! Another outstanding edutainment game that teaches children problem solving skills while reinforcing listening skills, letters and numbers.

"My six year old loves this game and so do his parents! It teaches, entertains, and increases the players' self-confidence as they "clue" into how they can accomplish required tasks. The SPY songs are a huge hit; we take the CD-ROM on all of our road trips, along with the lyrics, so we can sing along. Thank you Humongous, our last two-hour excursion flew by."

Quandary Computer Review by Steve Ramsey & Special Operatives Clare, Freya, Roxy and Emily

"Report to Q 20.00hrs Saturday: Operatives met with SPY Fox about 30 minutes ago, and have already heard his first corny joke. First impressions are good. Clare says he looks cool in his white tuxedo."

"Report to Q 21.00hrs Saturday: Operatives have been bowling and have rescued Plato Pushpin, creator of the orbiting aerosol can of doom. He can help destroy the station. The bowling alley contained a juke box, complete with 13 all-time favourites including Live and Let Fry and View to a Dill. Operatives have obtained various of Professor Quacks sneaky gadgets from the SPY gadget vending machine. Operatives have also been interacting with countless objects they come across, for no apparent reason other than the objects do funny things. They have been reminded to keep their mind on the mission."

Summary Report: All operatives enjoyed the mission. Clare thought the puzzles were just right but Emily thought they were a bit easy. Both intend to go on another mission to see if they can find the other ingredients. Clare gave it 8.5 out of 10, and Emily thought it was worth 8. Freya and Roxy want to borrow it in order to finish it themselves...I have not yet told the operatives that the words to the juke box songs are in the manual and that they can be played in an ordinary CD player."

Just Adventure by Randy Sluganski

"Take a pinch of the offbeat humor of Get Smart, add a smidgen of James Bond's impeccable manners, mix in a big furry tail, and what do you have? No, it's not Ray Ivey, you silly, it's Spy Fox. Things have been quiet since outfoxing cow-nappers in Dry Cereal and saving the World's Fair in Some Assembly Required, but now Spy Fox faces a problem of global proportions in Operation Ozone."

"To aid him in his quest, Spy Fox will enlist the aid of Monkey Penny and Professor Quack and his super-secret gadgets, among which is a Spy Grappling Granny--when you squeeze her belly, her dentures shoot out and hook to anything made of wood. The inventory system and offbeat humor are very similar to the early Monkey Island games, which is not surprising when you consider that Ron Gilbert--the creator of Monkey Island--was also one of the founders of Humongous. In fact, I would not hesitate to recommend any of the Humongous adventure games to anyone who is a fan of Monkey Island, Sam and Max, or Day of the Tentacle--regardless of age."


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