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SPY Fox 2:
Some Assembly Required

Sold Out (Win95/98/Me/XP/Classic Mac) (Jewel Case) (SPYFOX2DJ)
On other systems you can use ScummVM to run this.

Publisher: Humongous


Ages: 5 to 10

How Do You Turn This Thing OFF?

The Plot:
Once again, the world relies on Fox - SPY Fox, the suave super secret agent who smoothly finesses his way through SPY Corps' toughest assignments. This time, SPY Corps' corrupt counterpart, the Society for Meaningless Evil, Larceny, Lying and Yelling (S.M.E.L.L.Y.) has devised a dogbot which will be unleased upon the unsuspecting world. In his nastiness, S.M.E.L.L.Y.'s corrupt commander, Napoleon LeRoach, did not install an OFF switch on the dogbot. Instead, he hid the switch somewhere within the World's Fair.

The Mission:
Find the hidden OFF switch, deactivate the dogbot and stop LeRoach in his robotic tracks.

Talk Balloons elicit even the most super secret information from just about anyone.

Collect intriguing objects - like a Venus Flytrap and a Restruct-O-Lux Code - to help you turn off the dogbot and save the world.

SPY Fox's top-secret Spy Gadgets can get you out of the most dire predicament.

Explore and learn as you earn clues and uncover important information.

SPY Guide Inside!
The latest SPY gadgets, puzzles and trickery are right at your fingertips with the official SPY Guide. Decode the latest information from SPY Corps, solve puzzles and color your favorite SPY Fox 2 characters.

Parent/Teacher Activity Guide Inside
allows you to share the excitement of learning with your children. These extension activities bring fun and learning beyond the computer and into your everyday world.


Windows 95/98/Me/XP:Pentium 90, 16MB RAM.

Macintosh: 80MHz PowerPC, System 7.5.3, 16MB RAM.

The Green Thumb of Plant World

Madame Ladybug, the slightly irritated proprietress of Plant World, is the local expert on plants. Her nursery carries everything from Scotch Broom to Rugosa Roses to Japanese Stewartias. One thing you won’t find at Plant World is Venus’s Flytrap. "An atrocious plant! They have no manners – always snapping and chomping at all my insect friends. Oh my, the thought of them just curls my wings," exclaims Madame Ladybug. "Really, I have other plants that are a lot more interesting and not so rude."


Quandaryland Computer Review by Rosemary Young

"There’s nothing Spy Fox can’t accomplish with a little help from the player in this children’s spy thriller aimed at 5 to 10 year-olds. It’s every bit as entertaining as the previous title with wonderfully colourful and quirky graphics, some very funny dialogue and an irresistible character and story, both of which do an awful lot of ‘borrowing’ from James Bond and Maxwell Smart."

"In a word, this game is scrumptious and it all fits together seamlessly with some crazy cut-scenes and lots of features such as a bonus arcade game after the fashion of Asteroids; a help/hint file that can be accessed during the game; simple saving and loading and options for disabling the music or sound effects. The only thing I couldn’t find was subtitles!

"This Junior Adventure title is certainly one I would recommend for the next generation of adventure game players. It has so much charm that I am compelled to end with a warning. If you buy it for your kids or grandkids, steam it open first and take a look because it’s not nice to give a child a gift and not let them enjoy it in peace. If not, they might object when you elbow them out of the chair to take first turn at solving this one."

Mr. Bill's Adventureland

"Believe it or not, this sequel is an improvement over the already great first Spy Fox game: with even better dialogue and jokes (and puns!), spy gear, characters and places."

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