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ZOOM Speed
Sold Out (Win/DOS) (Retail) (SPEEDPR)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 5 to 105

Accelerate your Learning Curve in the Science of Speed

Zoom through the history and science of speed. Start off with the spear-carrying Neanderthal, followed by the wheel. Move ahead to the bicycle, then race toward rocket cars and sound-barrier-breaking jets. Experience a simulation of "the speed of light." And discover why Einstein claimed that the fastest speed in the universe might well be "the speed of our imaginations."

The First Interactive IMAX Movie. Sure, you can sit back and watch MacGillivray-Freeman's award-winning movie, SPEED. Or you can really get into it. Click on the Knowledge Adventure button to freeze a frame. Then click on a learning path to launch into an in-depth, interactive discovery.

Speed Reading. Become a faster reader with this speed and comprehension-building game. Attention-riveting sounds (like sonic booms, electrical storms, rockets blasting off and more) captivate readers as they zip toward improved reading.

Speed Match. For even the youngest preschool scientist. Match animals and machines with their speeds. How fast is the fastest racecar? Is a rollercoaster faster? Could an antelope get arrested for speeding? What machine travels at up to 602 miles an hour?

Instantly Access the Speed of Your Choice! Want to see machines that go faster than a hotrod? Jet planes? Rocket cars? Jet dragsters? Click here to scroll through key frames of the movie and re-enter the movie at any point you choose.

The Fastest Way to Learn. Go from a crawl to supersonic acceleration in seconds by sliding the speed bar. Check out the fastest baseball, the fastest animals, the fastest jet and more in a single click. Or zoom in on the globe to discover the world's "hot spots" for speed.

Zoomscape A-Mazing Speed. Zip through this amazing ZoomScape maze making split-second decisions about who is faster. Is it a dolphin or a shark? Who's faster? A sky diver or a helicopter? Who would win? A cockroach or a carnivorous arachnid? If you make the right choices, you zoom towards the finish line.


DOS/Windows: 2.5 MB hard disk space, color VGA/SVGA, PC/MS-DOS 3.1 or higher, 386 PC, 500 Kb RAM, mouse. Supports: SoundBlaster, ProAudio, AdLib Gold, DigiSpeech, Gravis, ATI, Logitch, Aria and compatible devices.

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