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ZOOM Space Adventure
$4.95 (DOS) (Jewel Case with Manual) (SPACEADVPJ)

Knowledge Adventure


Ages: 5 to 105

With Caltech's Tom McDonough & Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

It's been called the last frontier. It's as wide as forever, and full of cosmic mystery waiting to be explored. Here on Earth we're more than observers. We're travellers ourselves aboard our own spaceship called Earth.

Space Adventure is like a vast encyclopedic playground. There are hundreds of pages of pictures, text, and stories, all linked and searchable for powerful reference.

Track a subject that fascinates you just by clicking on the object on the screen. Maybe rockets are your thing. Read how early Chinese are thought to have invented them. Click and meet Robert Goddard, American rocket pioneer. Click and see V2 rockets, terrors of World War II. See astronauts walk in space. Then with a click learn more about the powerful vehicles that took us to the Moon and beyond. Whether you're into asteroids, star wars, or the solar system, if it's about space it's here for you to explore with the click of a button.

Have you seen President John F. Kennedy call for America to conquer space? It's here in full-motion video and sound.

How do Earth's continental plates interact? Create a fantastic full-motion simulation of their movement with a click of your mouse button.

What is the astronomical significance of Stonehenge?

How will humans live in space colonies?

What does it take to become an astronaut and how do you apply for the job?

How were rockets used in the War of 1812?

How does an eclipse happen?

Space Adventure covers rockets, human exploration, the science of space, our solar system and much more, including science fiction and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. It even includes a quiz you can activate from the on-screen buttons so you can match your space knowledge against others. It's all here waiting for you to explore.


DOS: IBM, Tandy 1000RLX, Tandy 2500SX or compatible PC, a CD-ROM drive, and a color VGA monitor. A mouse is recommended but not mandatory. Plays sounds through the PC speaker as well as SoundBlaster, Covox, AdLib Gold, Pro AudioSpectrum 16, Disney Sound Source or compatible devices.

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