SimCity Classic Deluxe Edition

SimCity Classic Deluxe Edition - Maxis - Retail - Win95/Win3.1/Mac - Sold Out



The Original City Simulator

A true classic in computer entertainment, SimCity dares you to design and build the city of your dreams. SimCity took the computer world by storm (well, by earthquake anyway), stretched the bounds of entertainment software and tore down the wall between fun and learning. With its simple interface and the ability to run on almost any computer, SimCity Classic is the best introduction to both simulation games and city planning on this or any other planet.

Design unlimited cities from the ground up.

Use the terraine Editor to sculpt your city's landscape.

Guide your decision-making process with real-time graphs and demographic maps.

Design your city int he past or future with the SimCity Classic Graphics Sets.

Test your leadership abilities with the eight included city scenarios.

Fight floods, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, meltdowns, and monsters.

Your decisions will either attract simulated citizens - Sims - to move in and build homes, hospitals, churches, stores, and factories, or drive them out in search of a better life elsewhere.

Build cities or destroy them. Solve provlems or create them. SimCity Classic puts you in charge of the lives, homes, hopes and dreams of millions of Sims.

Detailed animation and sound effects bring simulated cities to life. Lay roads and traffic flows. Supply power and smokestacks churn.

Deluxe Edition includes:

SimCity Classic Graphics Sets.

Design your city int he past or future with six complete graphics sets including:

Terrain Editor

Sculpt and design your city's landscape any way you please.

Requirements: Windows 3.1 - 286 and above, 2MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, hard disk with 5 MB free, EGA or VGA card. Supports: Windows compatible mouse, Windows 3.1 compatible sound card.

Requirements: Windows 95 - 486DX and above, 8MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, hard disk with 12MB free, SVGA card, Widnows compatible mouse. Supports: Windows 95 compatible sound card.

Requirements: Macintosh - System 7.0 or above, 8MB RAM, double speed CD-ROM drive, hard disk with 6MB free, color monitor with 8-bit (256 color) graphics, Macintosh mouse, QuickTime. Supports: Macintosh sound.

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