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ZOOM SimCity 2000 Special Edition
Sold Out (DOS/Win95/Win3.1) (Retail) (SIMC2CDCPR)

Maxis, Inc.



5 stars from CD-ROM Today

The Ultimate City Simulator - And More

Here they are: SimCity 2000, the SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit, SimCity 2000 Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters and a bunch of bonus cities and scenarios - all on one CD. Now you can design, build and customize any city you can imagine, and SimCity 2000 will bring it - and its resident Sims - to live. If this game were any more realistic, it'd be illegal to turn it off.

New features included only in the SimCity 2000 Special Edition:

Choose from over 100 brand-new buildings from the 1900's to the space age and beyond.

View the exclusive interview with Will Wright to learn how SimCity 2000 was created.

SimCity 2000: It has all the features, flexibility, art, animation and power you need to build the city of your dreams.

Urban Renewal Kit: Customize existing SimCity 2000 buildings or design your own graphics sets from scratch. Special tools make it easy to keep SimCity 2000's perspective and to create color-cycling animation effects.

Scenarios Volume 1: Save Portland from Mount St. Melon's overflowing emotions - then take on the other scenario challenges.

Wrestle with disaster scenarios, ranging from a UFO invasion in Atlanta to a nuclear meltdown in midtown Manhattan.

Use the Urban Renewal Kit tools to design your own buildings and print out your cityscapes in color or black & white.

Mix and match different buildings into an unlimited number of graphics sets.

Explore the underground layer in SimCity 2000 and build subways and utilities without compromising your aesthetics.

Import saved cities from SimCity Classic.

Choose from a selection of bonus cities and scenarios to rule or ruin as you please.

Requirements: DOS - IBM or 100% compatible, 486 or above, MS-DOS 5.0 and above, 8MB free RAM, mouse, hard disk, SVGA card (with 512K video RAM), double speed CD-ROM drive. Supports most popular sound cards and printers.

Requirements: Windows - IBM or 100% compatible, 486 or above, Window 3.1, 8 MB RAM (requires Virtual Memory), mouse, hard disk, SVGA card (with 512K video RAM), double speed CD-ROM drive. Supports all Windows compatible sound cards and printers.

Requirements: Windows95 - IBM or 100% compatible, 486 or above, 66 MHz or above, Windows 95, 8MB RAM (requires Virtual Memory), mouse, hard disk, SVGA card (with 512K video RAM), double speed CD-ROM drive. Supports all Windows compatible sound cards and printers.


CD-ROM Today, July 1995

"When we were very young, my sister and I used to create wondrous little villages in woods behind our house. Years later, upon playing the original SimCity, and SimCity 2000, I felt that joy of creation and sense of wonder again. Now Maxis has put together a CD-ROM version that takes SimCity 2000 and adds extra cities, new scenarios, and a slick Urban Renewal Kit that lets you redesign old cities or design new ones form the ground up.

"Even if you're one of the two or three game players out there who haven't played one of the SimCity incantations, you'll still be able to slip easily into this game. The icon-based tool box is simple to decipher, and with just a bit of experimentation you'll soon be laying out roads, creating public services, and erecting buildings. Of course, as all SimCity vets know, building a city is the easy part. Making it a growing, vital, and viable entity is another thing altogether. Juggling revenues and expenditures, dealing with public opinion, and understanding the capriciousness of commerce - and alien monsters - are only a few of the skills you'll cultivate. Like the saxophone, SimCity 2000 is easy to play, but difficult to play well.

"With more than 40 predesigned cities and 15 scenarios, you should have no lack of tutorial help. The prefab cities range from basic urban centers with lots of room for expansion to futuristic megalopolises with vistas - and problems - that exist only in the minds of the most imaginative urban planners. The scenarios are a varied lot as well, ranging from natural disasters to a nuclear holocaust, plus an absolutely terrifying image of a city awash in a tidal wave of crime. From these cities and scenarios you learn what to do - and, more important, what not to do - in the cities you'll eventually create from scratch.

"The Urban Renewal Kit is a nifty set of modules that allow you to design your own metropolises before you actually have to start spending cash on them. A paint program even lets you get down to a single unit level, where you can modify and beautify separate buildings. You can also play around with the mix of buildings included with each graphics set. And for a permanent record of your handiwork, there's a utility to print out your city design in color or in black and white.

"On the downside, the terrain graphics are showing their age after a couple of years - hills look more like pyramids. They're a little chunky for a game that is otherwise very sophisticated; let's hope that the next version of SimCity will sport more smoothly rendered landscapes.

"If you haven't had the SimCity experience yourself and the thought of being an omnipotent creator appeals, there's no better reason to take the plunge that the SimCity 2000 CD Collection."

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