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ZOOM Shanghai Double Pack
Sold Out (Win95/98 Only) (Retail) (SHANGPAKPR)



Includes 2 classic tile-matching games:

Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye

The most captivating strategy game of all time - Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye. With more of everything that made Shanghai a computer game classic.

Several ways to play - Solitaire, Challenge, and Tournament - for 1 or 2 players.

The object: snap off matching pairs till you run out of tiles, run out of moves, or run out of time. Simple? Sure - and simply addicting.

And at the heart of Shanghai II, you'll find Dragon's Eye, the ultimate challenge for even the most seasoned player.

Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye. It will beguile your days and nights. Become your obsession.

8 beautifully rendered tile sets featuring a variety of colorful themes from Mah-Jongg to Playing Cards, Flags of the World, Sports, Fantasy World, Alphabets, Animals and more.

12 challenging tile formations, plus the classic Shanghai Dragon. Or create your own formations with the Layout Construction Set. Animations and sound effects bring the tiles to life.

Dragon's Eye, a special challenge for superior Shanghai players. It's move against move, as one player seeks to complete the Dragon formation, the other to dismantle it. Go up against a friend or the computer.

Shanghai: Great Moments

The ancient tile-matching obsession returns to tantalize strategic minds with four intense action-puzzle games. Take on the force of gravity in the Great Wall. Slide entire rows of tiles in Beijing. Clear the screen before more tiles appear in Action Shanghai. Play Classic Shanghai the traditional way - or even with the tiles face-down.

Challenge Shanghai's intricate structures in a multimedia spectacular of film, video and audio rewards. The game is loaded with nine themed tile sets, over 400 unique tiles, 150 video clips, and 300 original animations. Whether you play it in Solitaire, Two-Player or Tournament mode, it's unmatched Shanghai entertainment.

The Great Wall - Dismantle this mighty structure as the power of gravity holds true. Beware, tiles fall as lower ones are removed.

Beijing - Slide an entire row of tiles to make a match - and create a new situation each time. One wrong match and a high-scoring move disappears.

Action Shanghai - Clear the screen quickly before additional tiles appear. Speed is a factor as stacks of tiles grow higher and block those that were once free.


Windows 95/98 Only- CD-ROM drive, video card and sound card, 486/33MHz processor, double speed CD-ROM drive, 8 MB RAM, 12 MB free hard disk space, SVGA 16 bit color, mouse.

Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye works fine in Windows XP.

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