Seven Days in August

Seven Days in August - Time Warner - Retail - Mac - $14.95

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Unfold the Drama of the Cold War

August 1961: Mickey Mantle hit his 45th homer, the new First Lady captured America's heart, a cosmonaut orbited the earth for the first time, and the Iron Curtain dropped on Berlin.

Travel back to 1961 during the terrifying construction of the Berlin Wall. Witness the division of the city through the eyes of the people who experienced the trauma. Meet the survivors who, 28 years later, saw the Wall come tumbling down.

Berliners. Eyewitness accoutns from citizens of the divided city.

Roundtable. An insightful discussion featuring recollections of policy makers on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

The Wall. An eight-part, day-by-day chronicle of the construction, plus an epilogue to the Cold War.

Home Front. Meanwhile, the Space Race, Civil Rights and Civil Defense all loomed large in America's thoughts.

Profiles. Biographical information on the key players in the Berlin Wall crisis.

Berlin, Wisconsin. Vignettes of small-town American life illustrate the dramatic differences between the two Berlins.

Souvenirs of '61. American pop culture in that hsitoric summer, from books and cars to top-rated pop hits and TV shows.

Games. Interactive games allow you to act as fashion advisor to Jacqueline Kennedy and challenge your baseball IQ.

Requirements: Macintosh - 13-inch color monitor, 4MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, System 6.0.7 or later.


ComputerLife, October 1994

"CDs can bring history to life just as surely as they do storybooks, and Seven Days in August proves it. The disc makes the opening week of the Cold War real - more real than any other medium possible could. The CD follows a seven-day timeline that allowed me to observe the construction of the Berlin Wall from many different perspectives. First I watched the events unfold via a series of documentary films, then listened to interviews with people who lived through it, and finally followed up by reading the backgrounds on the figures that played critical roles in what became the most powerful and oppressive chapter of Cold War history.

"What brought these historic moments to life, though, was following the same timeline to compare events in Europe with those happening simultaneously in the United States. It is an eerie contrast to watch Mickey mantle smack in his 45th home run, or JFK cruise around Martha's Vienyard in his parents' yacht while, in the darkness of night on the other side of the world, soldiers isolated a city and its citizens behind a fence of barbed wire, shutting them off from the West for 30 years. It reminded me that these events happened to real people, and that they lived in a time not entirely removed from our own."

CD-ROM World, March 1994

"Seven Days in August is an interactive multimedia documentary that chronicles a week in 1961 that included the construction of the Berlin Wall. It provides a comprehensive look at the impact the Berlin wall had on the shape of the free world. The disc includes more than 1,000 photographs, four hours of narration, computer graphics, and four interactive games to make it an indepth study of the event which launched the 30-year Cold War.

"Time magazine gathered several key U.S. and Communist political figures - some of whom had never met before - for a historic roundtable discussion on the building of the Berlin Wall and of a city divided between two nuclear superpowers. Seven Days in August chronicles that discussion and captures what it was like to be on either side of the wall when it went up.

"This product lets you experience a major event in history from a vaiety of angles and viewpoints in a totally interactive fashion."

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