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ZOOM Dr. Seuss
Preschool & Kindergarten Reading
Sold Out (Win95/98/Mac) (Retail) (SEUSREADDR)

Publisher: Creative Wonders / The Learning Company


Ages: 3 to 6

Over 30 Lessons In a Fun Learning Adventure

Dr. Seuss Preschool and Kindergarten Reading is the perfect pairing of learn-to-read activities and fun-filled adventure. Developed with the help of educators, it offers a full year of essential early reading skills. In the wonderful and witty world of Dr. Seuss, the tweetle beetles keep running off with the Fox's socks so he can't make pairs. As children help the Fox get his socks back, they learn early reading skills. With Dr. Seuss Preschool and Kindergarten Reading, it's easy to see why kids who laugh more learn more.

Kids Learn:
Reading Word Recognition Following Directions
Reading Comprehension Vocabulary Listening
Letter Pronunciation Memory Building Sentences
Phonics Alphabet Problem Solving
Spelling Matching Rhyming
Letter Recognition Visual Discrimination  
30 Lessons Printable Workbook Progress Tracking
Multiple Activities Green Eggs & Ham Electronic Storybook
Multiple Skill Levels Hundreds of Fun Animations

Learn to read with Fox in Socks on a whimsical journey through a bright and colorful world of adventure. Children will learn essential reading skills such as phonics, letter recognition, word recognition and spelling by playing games with some of their favorite animated Seussian characters. As Fox in Socks hunts for his missing socks, he will guide children through each fun-filled reading activity while they learn essential reading skills.

Disc 1: Preschool & Kindergarten Reading

Disc 1 is dedicated to building early reading skills. From alphabet to phonics, from reading comprehension to word recognition, your child will learn to read while having fun with Fox in Socks and many of the Seussian characters. When Level 1 becomes too easy, try Level 2 or 3.

Learn spelling while helping the spectacular spelling spearfish harvest the pearls of knowledge from the oyster bed.

Reading & Rhyming
Match rhyming words and learn word recognition while helping the mother kangaroo find her baby Joeys.

Memory Building
Improve memory skills and learn letters by turning over the little cats' hats.

Learn alphabet sequencing and letter recognition while helping the Bubble Man get his bubbles in order.

Disc 2: Printable Workbook

Reinforce the basic reading skills taught on Disc 1 with an interactive storybook, three additional activities and a printable workbook. Children can choose from many fun-filled learning activities focused on phonics, reading comprehension, memory building, spelling, vocabulary, word recognition and letter recognition.

Learn to match rhyming words while helping Sam-I-Am find a Rhyme Game.

Interactive storybook
With a few tips from Sam-I-Am, even small children can quickly find their way around. Little ones can choose Read-to-Me mode, too.

Word Recognition
Make a list of all the words that begin with the same letter.


Windows 95/98: 66MHZ 486 DX or faster, 16MB RAM, minimum 20MB hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster, 640x480 display, 256 colors, high and true color supported, Windows compatible sound device, video and sound cards compatible with DirectX.

Macintosh: PowerPC, System 7.1 or higher, 9.5 MB RAM free, minimum 20MB hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster, 640x480 display, 256 colors.

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