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ZOOM Disney Learning Adventure
Search For The Secret Keys
Sold Out (Win95/98/ME/XP/Mac) (Mini Retail) (SEARCHSKDR)

Included in Disney's 1st and 2nd Grade

Publisher: Disney Interactive


Ages: 5 & up

Are You Alone?

Mickey and the gang are locked inside the spooky old house! As they move about, they find out they are not alone. There are ghosts that create problems and play tricks on Mickey and his friends. Your child will have to solve educational problems including math, reading, language arts and logic skills to help put things back in order! Don't worry. There is a fun and friendly ghost that can lend a hand anytime you need it using tutorials that automatically help your child.


  • Tutorial section that activates automatically when your child needs help
  • Progress chart for parents and teachers
  • Multi-subject curriculum designed with education experts for kids 5 & up.
  • Goal and reward structured learning experiences
  • 6 skill building activities
Key Skills Kids Can Learn:
Early Reading Letter Recognition Number Recognition
Following Directions Colors Shapes
Thinking Skills Observation Memory
Listening Skills Phonics Music Concepts
Cause and Effect Problem Solving Word Association
Categorization Sorting

Letters & Word Association
The pictures are out of order! Help Label the paintings correctly by matching the pictures with the appropriate letters or words.

Problem Solving
Repair the old grandfather clock by getting the gears to work together. Rhyming, opposites, and relational gears are what make this clock tick.

Numbers & Counting
Use you math skills to help rebuild the suits of armor.

Analytical & Critical Thinking
The basement is flooding! Use spare pieces of pipe to repair the leak in the wall.

Categorization & Sorting
Sort and classify the books in the haunted library.

Intro To Musical Notes & Sounds
Learn music sounds and skills. Experiment with the old organ by adding spooky sounds and effects to your creations!


Windows: Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/XP, Pentium™ Class Processor 233 MHz 64MB RAM 80MB free hard disk space 8x Speed CD-ROM Drive 16-bit DirectX-compatible sound card 16-bit DirectX-compatible video card .

Macintosh: OS 8.6 through OS X (In Classic Mode) G3 processor 350MHz 96MB RAM 80MB free hard disk space 8x CD-ROM drive Thousands of colors video display

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